If you want to design a lifestyle you've only dreamt of, you're going to have to do it from the inside out

hey, I'm katy

and man did I have to learn this the hard way...

My father-in-law died unexpectedly in his late fifties. You’re never really prepared for what grief can do to your fine little life. I thought this was the beginning of my unraveling but, looking back I had always been unfulfilled and my life wasn't that fine after all.  I had started coming apart at the seams long before tragedy struck and I hit a breaking point;  I just got so sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, I leaned in, did the work (that I rolled my eyes at for years), made some significant, uncomfortable changes and designed my ultimate dream life.

it's fine.  i'm fine.  everything's fine.

I had checked all the boxes: fell in love, got married, had kids, bought a house, worked for a company I loved, sometimes worked out, drank [a lot of] wine around kitchen islands with great friends.
It was fine.  Until it wasn't.

My own unraveling began in my late thirties.

it led me to you.

And that's when everything turned around. After years of pushing myself to burnout, trying to please people who hardly noticed, I finally said, "enough of this shit." It was quite the journey of breaking habits and establishing rituals, figuring out what did and didn't work, and learning to accept myself just as I am. In the end, I found freedom and a fresh sense of purpose by putting my own happiness and authenticity first.  In 2023 I pursued and achieved the dream of becoming an Internationally Certified Coach through the Mind Rebel Academy.  

i rediscovered my values, chose to live life authentically without apology and made self-care my top priority.

Alpacas Prince Richard &
Little Wayne

Together, we can cultivate that newfound confidence that empowers you to design your lifestyle unapologetically and advocate for yourself in every aspect of your life. I'll support you in surrounding yourself with individuals who uplift and encourage your growth, while helping you navigate away from those who might hinder it. As you evolve and thrive, I'll guide you in harnessing your journey's positive energy to inspire others, fostering a community of empowerment, positivity, and self-acceptance. Through our collaboration, you'll not only embark on your own path to fulfillment but also become a beacon of inspiration for those around you, igniting transformative change in their lives as well.

And now i want to help you own yours.

It wasn't easy breaking free from the expectations and judgments of others, but with each step forward, I feel more empowered. Embracing my flaws and quirks has become a badge of honor rather than a source of shame. I realized that the only validation I needed comes from within, not from conforming to outdated stereotypes or societal norms.

I stopped apologizing for who I was and started celebrating the modern woman I am becoming.


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a little more...

not about

quick fixes,
phone calls,
the overwhelm game


Straight talk,
strong women,
eliminating over accumulating

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Change your perception

"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

— anonymous




I am ready whenever you are.  Just remember, the thirty minutes you take out of your day to meet with me is the first investment in yourself...and it's free.

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Learning how to develop your own hero's journey can be a profound experience for a high-achieving woman like yourself. It offers a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth tailored to your life's narrative. By delving into the hero's journey framework, you can uncover valuable insights about your own journey—recognizing the challenges you've faced, celebrating your triumphs, and pinpointing moments of transformation. This mini-course serves as a powerful tool for taking stock of your experiences, goals, and dreams, empowering you to navigate your path with clarity and purpose. Through introspection inspired by the hero's journey, you can tap into your strengths, confront obstacles head-on, and embark on a transformative quest toward greater fulfillment and success.