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Day 11: Uncle Buck’s Birthday

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It’s my baby brother’s birthday today. Thirty-six years ago that bouncing baby boy came in to this world, much to my older sister and my dismay, but, he has proven himself over the last three and half decades by making us laugh with his stories, antics and all-around jovial attitude.

The below video was taken one year ago just before my siblings and I boarded a cruise with my dad. It’s hilarious for many reasons.

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But also a little sad for me. I wasn’t in a good place last year at this time. All the more reason to rejoice where I am now.

Health + Wellness

207.9. Pop the top people!

I mean you should for me. I won’t but I will however, add a little fresh lime to my club soda tonight; a special treat.

I enjoyed the loveliest yoga class at noon today. On any other given Friday at noon I could be found having a glass or two of wine at lunch. For sure.

Not today.

House + Home

I had to do a once over again today as we are having our monthly card club here tonight, which basically means I did the dishes and ran the Roomba.

I’m exhausted.

Debt + Finances

You know what another advantage to not drinking is? I don’t have to go on a beer run. I wasn’t even asked. I assume it was a nice gesture so I didn’t have to walk in to a liquor store and be tempted and I’ll take every bit of that.

And, I didn’t have to pay for it.

Funny enough though, I actually have no desire so I would have been happy to go. (I’m taking a chance he won’t read this so he won’t send me next time.)

I have taken sabbaticals from the bubbly before. This time feels so different, I think because I made the decision for a whole 90 days. Maybe I’ll feel differently on a different day.

Maybe not.

Parenthood + Relationships

It’s card club night…our turn to host.

For those of you not in the Midwest, or more locally Wisconsin, I’ll explain what our card club does.

There are about 8-10 couples in our group with about 6-8 attending on any given month. We meet the second Saturday of each month at someone’s house where the host provides the main dish and others bring a dish to pass. We eat, a lot, then sit down for some traveling Euchre.

The night usually ends with many beer cans and half drank Captain and Cokes strewn about the hostess’s sink. It’s fun and hilarious and a perfect excuse to over indulge.

Will in be a challenge for me tonight? Yes. As a matter of fact it’s 4:43 pm right now and I can guarantee that a few months ago I would be a couple of glasses of wine in to take the edge off hosting a social gathering.

Not today. And I’m totally okay with it.

Travel + Staycations

I day dreamed on my yoga mat today about Hawaii. Stay tuned for more research and decision making.

Epiphany: a visceral understanding of something you already know.
— Jen Sincero

I ran in to a couple of gals today that I know on a surface, Facebook kind of level. They stopped me to tell me how much they loved my writing. It was hard for me to hear, as it has been when others have said it too.

I don’t love that. I wish accepting compliments came easy and didn’t make me feel squirmy. I have gotten better at merely saying, Thank You, but still it’s hard.

For everyone who has ever said anything to me about my talents, Thank You. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

And, if we can, let’s all try to see ourselves as cool as other people see us.

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