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Day 14: The Time Passes Anyway

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Two weeks used to seem like forever, but now that I’m here, it’s really no big deal. The time does pass anyway.

I saw this quote today when I was looking for inspiration. It seems to have found me instead. I can agree with the first sentence, the rest we’ll have to see, but it feels like something just shifted today. I can’t really describe it, but it felt really good.

Body + Mind

Ah, my old friend. Welcome back…208.3

I felt like I could have conquered the world today. It was like the yoga instructor and I were on the same wavelength; everything she offered was exactly what my body needed.

I had a ton of energy when I got home (after waking up super tired) and banged out three hours of uninterrupted work time followed by a walk (it was impossible to turn down that face) with one of my (four) best furry friends, pictured below and then back to more work.


And…drum roll please…I loved every minute of it. I know…someone should check my temperature. The other three dogs were not happy I took Greta, but I decided that I’ll take one at a time for the next few weeks. Like children, they like one-on-one time too.

On a separate note, I am still waking up super tired even though I am sleeping magnificently. I’ll be curious to see if this changes in the coming weeks/months.

House + Home

All the laundry and dishes are done. I went through one closet and donated another bag of clothes and linens and put a few more items up for sale.

I recently had the chance to watch The Minimalists documentary on Netflix. If you are currently in the stages of chucking everything out and wishing you lived in a tiny house with no stuff like I am, this is a super great watch.

Debt + Finances

It’s my intention to pay more attention to what goes out, but more importantly, what money is coming in. One of my self-help junkie books suggested I write everything down that is coming in as income.

All of it.

Interestingly enough, every financial article, blog post and book I have ever read has me focusing on my expenses, not necessarily my income. Yes, I get the logic, however, this concept focuses on lack, not abundance. So, I’m going to try this for a few days and see what happens. Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll manifest the $50K I’ve been looking for.

Parenthood + Relationships

Not too long ago, I read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I also “suggested” (not so gently) that my husband read it too.

Game changer is all I can say.

If you are in a relationship, and we all are; parent/children, friendships, marriages, siblings, adult children, etc, you need to read this book. I am not getting paid to say this.

This thin, easy-read paperback book played a hand in saving my marriage. I digress. That’s a story for another day. The point of this shameless plug for Cooper has to do with what I did tonight. One of the ways my husband receives love (he’s not going to like that I am saying this) is to have help with things he hates doing, even if I hate it too.

But, I love him so there I was for three hours tonight painting the inside of our newly remodeled shed by his side. I possibly hate painting more than I hate cleaning out the litter box, but I shut my mouth and rolled.

He was grateful, which made me feel good, which then made him feel good. It was like a good old volley of gratitude. And, it wasn’t lost on me that a month or so ago I would have never offered to help; love language or not.

I would have been way too “busy” (read: drinking wine in the dining room scrolling Facebook.)

The things we do for love.

Travel + Staycations

We plan to take the kiddos down to Chicago this weekend to either the Shedd Aquarium or the Field Museum. Ask me when the last time I stepped foot in a museum was.

Epiphany: a visceral understanding of something you already know.
— Jen Sincero

I got nothin’ today. I am sure if I thought it about it long enough I could come up with something, but I have to get up at 4:15 am for work tomorrow so I’m out. Check back on Day 15…I’m sure I’ll have something very interesting to say. Ha ha.

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