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Day 20: Sunday Funday.

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There’s a whole new meaning of this phrase for me. I was a professional Sunday Funday player. Didn’t matter the season or the reason. Loved, loved, loved them.

But, man, how I loathed Mondays.

Don’t hate me, but I am starting to love a good Monday.

Body + Mind


I woke up at 7:30 this morning.

This is way out of the norm for me. I am an early riser, even on the weekends and especially because our a-hole puppies like to bark at the same time every day. I ended up laying in bed until almost nine just putzing around on my phone, reading my book and doing mostly nothing. It was pretty amazing and I think I really needed it.

[Separate note: for three weeks my digestive system has been real funky. Just off. I know that might be TMI, but I am hoping in the future someone can look at this and know that it might be normal to have your body still adjusting after 20 days.]

House + Home

On a brighter note, my Sunday Funday morning turned in to meal prepping for the week.

And…you better sit down for this…I loved it.

I made Sirloin Tip Roast Soup, Chicken, Grape and Walnut Chicken Salad for the week, Lime Lara Balls and Apple Crisp. It felt good to use some leftover food. For the first time ever my husband referred to me as Betty; I’m assuming Betty Crocker but I suppose it could have been a number of other Betty’s.

I can tell you with 100% certainty I have never done this on a Sunday morning before and loved it. It’s a hell of a lot easier to do without a hangover from a rough Saturday night.

Debt + Finance

Money coming in update:

  • $700 from sale of my treadmill

  • $1.00 found outside my car door in our driveway

Keep it coming Universe, I’m ready and so grateful.

Parenthood + Relationships

We sorta had a trip to Chicago planned for today, but in true D+K Ripp fashion, that didn’t really pan out. We committed to doing something as a family though so we went to Cowboy Jacks for lunch and a little pool playing followed by Skyzone for some tramp jumping (um, that sounds a little scanadalous).

We had a great time. Dale had two beers at lunch while I drank club soda and I was totally cool with that. I mean, my mouth watered a little bit because lunch beers are my jam, but I kicked his and Miles’ asses in pool so that easily filled the void. And, Miles rode the mechanical bull which gave us a good laugh at the end.

Hit it Wayne. It was like he fell off in slow motion…I was dying laughing.

Here’s the thing about Skyzone; I used to hate a place like that. I generally would avoid going anywhere where I would have to refuse to participate (much like yoga) with my kids because I was so self-conscience. I would sit on the sidelines, watching the clock, because I was too worried about what everyone would think about me.

Well, fuck that. Maddie and I jumped our little hearts out, smiling and laughing the whole time. I could tell she was surprised I kept saying yes to her constant tramp jumping peer pressure.

I’m not sure who had more fun, me or her.

Travel + Staycations

Tonight’s staycation comes from my bed. I am already snuggled in at 7:34p and plan to stay here until tomorrow morning.

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