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Day 24: Hindsight is 20/20

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The further away I get from January 1st the more I realize the things I were so fearful of were just not real or if they have come to fruition, they weren’t that scary.

Body + Mind


One of the motivations to journal this experience was to be as open and honest about the squirrels running around in my head and all the weird things that I was sure was going to happen to my body.

Over the years I have googled every possible solution to “how to lose weight.” There are millions of websites devoted to answering just that question. And, let’s say you find something that perks your interest, there are millions of sites about that.

It’s exhausting.

However, in all my exploration I didn’t want to believe that the only true answer was a balanced diet of healthy food and drink with a side of exercise.

I wanted it to be easy and fast. I wished for the secret that would just take all the self-loathing away.

I passed over every site that even mentioned working from the inside out; meditation, yoga, homeopathic remedies and positive affirmations. I thought it was a bunch of bull shit and while it might have just worked, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Well, it turned out I had 20 years to spend. And spend I did.

I also wanted to find a success story; one that was real but also proved to work. While my search was probably not exhaustive, I decided I was going to write my own.

House + Home

We got back on a little schedule today since the kids FINALLY had school. I spent my 15 minutes this morning doing a little dishes, a little laundry and making beds.

While getting ready to go to work I decided I was going to put everything I actually use in to one basket this week. Whatever is left over in the other basket is getting tossed.

Debt + Finances

The only thing I am saying about this today is that I looked at our accounts today and the ONLY thing I have spent money on this month, besides our regular bills is groceries and a couple of nights out to dinner, which by the way, were about half of what they usually are because we didn’t have a bar bill.

Parenthood + Relationships

Since last summer, my husband and I have gotten in to a pleasant habit of pillow talk early in the mornings. I meant to text him to tell him how much I appreciate that time since we are like ships passing in the night sometimes.

I heard that a dear friend of a friend suffered from a brain aneurysm last weekend. He is alive but it looks like he’s got a long road ahead of him. He’s married with two little kids and just a little younger than me.

I know it sometimes goes without saying, but just for today, put your anger, resentment and petty grievances aside and hug your spouse and kiddos just a little longer and a little tighter tonight.

No one is going to be let off the hook for anything by you being nice and you can continue being mad tomorrow.

I should have been saying this all along, but if you ever have comments or questions or something you think I should try please don’t hesitate to share it below in the comments!

I have received some really thoughtful, sweet feedback and amazing advice from you guys. It might help others reading too, so please don’t be shy.

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