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Day 28: Cry like a baby.

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Do you have a go-to movie you watch if you just need background noise?

Well, mine happens to be Miracle; the movie about the 1980 Winter Olympics where the USA Men’s Hockey team beat Russia. Watch it if you haven’t seen it. Great kids movie too.

It’s a Disney movie so, of course, it’s a tear jerker. However, today I just bawled like a baby. I don’t usually (I know what’s coming) cry at this particular movie, other movies yes, because I have seen it so much, but I just couldn’t keep it in today.

It’s a movie about heart and work and perseverance. About a team of unlikely people coming together for one goal. I needed exactly that today.


The legs feed the wolf gentlemen.
— Herb Brooks

Body + Mind



There. I said it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about it because I have a funny story. Well, I have more than one funny story about poop, but I’ll stick to the one that’s relevant.

I received the sweetest message from a reader this morning offering up her solution to my stubborn digestive system. I was so appreciative because a. it means someone is reading this and b. it was sound advice: prunes.

Many moons ago, I was working in an office with just two other women. Our office was conveniently, and dangerously, located between The Candy Shoppe (if you ever get to Bayfield, WI it’s a must visit) and a grocery store.

One day, on yet another crusade to get healthy, I found some dried fruit and nuts to go along with my salad for lunch. We had a back office that we ate lunch in where I left most of my lunch out when I went back to my desk.

A couple hours later cohort goes to get some water and say, “Who’s eating prunes?” Since there were only three of us in the office and one was out on an appointment, I guess she was referring to me.

“Do you mean the dried plums?”

“Yah. Prunes.”

“Wait, what?!” Immediately I feel my stomach rumble. “I didn’t know dried plums were prunes!”

“How many did you eat?”

“All of them.”

Let’s just say I went home early that afternoon and was a few pounds lighter the next day.

House + Home

A forced day indoors allows one to purge. Again.

I’m really starting to get the hang of this decluttering thing. I have spent a good chunk of my adult life collecting needless shit from Michael’s, Home Goods and Menards. And, super shotty, low-quality clothing from Old Navy. Apparently I have been in the quantity, not quality stage of adulthood for quite some time.

It’s quite enlightening. I’m purposely choosing that word because I could feel real bad about this real quick. I’m not quite going as far as touching and licking everything a farewell, but if I don’t like it, it’s out.

I have also found some good homes for some of our crap which makes me feel better than just donating to strangers or chucking it all together. Don’t worry, there’s plenty going to strangers.

My three year running to-do list is slowly, but surely, seeing some progress.

I mean, who needs 62 picture frames and 7 unused curtain rods? For realz.

Debt + Finances

I did it. I took the time, sat down with my bills, combined accounts and made a legit plan (little bits at a time, like this) to pay off the debt that has been looming over our heads for years.

I can’t say enough great things about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I personally had to take the bible thumping with a grain of salt, but if financial freedom is a goal of yours, check it out. Had I not attended I would have never had the courage to face all the things I have ignored for so long.

This is part of my entire plan here and I need to declutter this space of old shit too. Wish I could sell it on FB.

Parenthood + Relationships

We survived the snow.

Everyone is still alive and well. Maddie sat in the bathtub and played for about an hour, Miles got the mail, I got a ton of shit done; work, laundry, more decluttering, meal planning and prep for the week. I’d say it was a productive day.

Looks like we might be back here again on Wednesday. Wind chills predicted in the -50s. Brrr.

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