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Day 5: A Spoonful of Sugar

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It’s hard to describe how sweet my day actually was, boring as it may have been in some people’s eyes.

Health + Wellness

208.3 Again. Not going up. Win. And, I can almost guarantee you after a couple of beers and a fish fry last night I would have seen a gain.

How do I know? I have about 20 years of proof.

I forgot my stupid Apple Watch before I went to work again and as you might have seen yesterday, my sister and I are in another heated Activity competition. I see she even upped her active calorie burn to match mine. I had to get a move on this afternoon if I have a chance at all of beating her this week. It was 50 degrees here today. If you aren’t familiar with a Wisconsin January, this is as abnormal as it gets; putting us just one degree below a record high.

I laced up my sneaks and headed out for a walk. I just couldn’t stop. The sun was setting and it was so warm and peaceful and amazing. Had I had those two beers (read below), there’s no way I would have done that today.

How do I know? I still have two decades of proof.

House + Home

Ok, I promise myself I am going to Unfuck my house tomorrow. The cleaning ladies are coming Monday and I really need them to be able to actually clean.

Debt + Finances

Not a whole lot to report here today. I plan to do my budget and start on taxes (barf) tomorrow. I will say that my goal for January is to pay $1K toward our debt.

Parenthood + Relationships

I woke up with no headache and more energy. I went to work with a clear head and thoroughly enjoyed watching Miles in his first full-court basketball game. We went to lunch with dear friends where I drank way too much club soda (while everyone else drank beer) and again, I was totally fine, except I had to pee like 10 times throughout the day.

When Dale and I walked in to the Thirsty Goat, I did say out loud, “This will be interesting not ordering a beer with the rest of you.” Saturday lunch beers are my jam, but, then again they have also derailed the best of intentions for Saturday afternoon or evening plans more times than I can count. Five short days ago I DECIDED it would be different.

I took Maddie and her friend to Mary Poppins Returns and as I sat there watching the delight on their faces, I couldn’t help but be proud of myself. The movie was fantastic. (I so want to be Emily Blunt’s best friend.) I would have missed this a week ago.

As a matter of fact I did.

I chose to “cocktail” instead of take her and her friends to a movie. Not one of my proudest moments in hindsight. As I sit here writing this on my bed I can hear Maddie in the bathtub next door singing in her sweet voice, “This was the best day eveeeerrrr.” Parenting win.

Travel + Staycations

My little staycation came earlier this evening when I dropped a bath bomb my cousin made me for some “zen” during my 90 days. It was packed with red rose petals and the faint smell of lavender and could only be topped by the Matcha Green Tea polish she made. I am clean, relaxed and exfoliated.

And sober.

Happy Saturday night and even better Sunday morning to me.

Epiphany: a visceral understanding of something you already know.
— Jen Sincero

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction/Universe/Divine Intervention, what or whomever you like to call it. Last week, while on my period, I just gave up on everything. I couldn’t get the motivation to compete with my sister on any level or even get out for a walk. I was deflated, unmotivated and irritable.

But, it seemed, Mother Nature was a little “off” too. Most of December, where my only intention was to meet or exceed my 600 active calorie goal on my watch, the weather was close to perfect for a long walk every day. With the exception of a few chilly days, it was sunny, the roads were safe and there was little rain.

I noted this verbally to Dale a few times; like the Universe was making it easy for me to reach my goal. Then last week the weather changed to rainy, icy and then snowy making walking outside all but impossible. Yes, I work at a gym, so I most certainly could have gotten on a treadmill or walked the track, but I just didn’t.

I needed a break.

Then, since Tuesday, I have been able to get out every day and close all of my rings. Today, she delivered the most glorious spring day in January. Maybe Mother Nature just needed a break too.

We all do.

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