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Day 7: One Week Down.

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What a dreary, icky, windy January day. No wonder so many of us give up on our healthy habits on days like these. I wonder if we shouldn’t move the New Year to July 1st so that we all have a fighting chance.

Health + Wellness


Same same. Again, another win. I will say this afternoon I found myself feeling a little lighter. I didn’t, however, DO a whole lot today. I still had a sick kiddo, that slept until 10:00 am by the way, and on a perfect day to snuggle, so we did.

I didn’t do it, but damn it did I want a fucking cup of coffee today.

House + Home

I took my 15 minutes this morning and cleaned out #14 of 16 junk cabinets as I knew I’d probably have most of the day to do the dumb daily stuff.

I also ACTUALLY finished all the laundry. I mean I literally washed, dried and put away ALL the laundry in the proper places today. I also matched all the socks. I know, I know. It’s crazy. Don’t get used to it.

Debt + Finances

And, again, I did not get to my budget today. Oops. Pretty soon I’ll have to pay enough attention to the reason WHY I’m not doing it because it’s been on my list since December 15th. Yikes.

Parenthood + Relationships

I will admit that I sort of love it when my kids are sick. Before you get all judgemental and gaspy on me, I don’t love that they are actually sick, I love that they sleep so sweetly and cuddle with me without any coaxing.

Alert: #momfail coming up

I was so enthralled with my sock sorting I totally forgot Miles had basketball practice so we had to run out like crazy people to get him there 15 minutes late. Thank God for friends that double as coaches. Makes me a little nervous that between both kids this winter we have 5 out of seven days of sports.

Bonus: I won’t be knee-deep in to a bottle of wine so I can drive them safely to and from practice. Yay me.

Travel + Staycations

Ya know how you sometimes you sit at your desk looking out the window on a rainy day wishing you could just lay in your flannel sheets and watch a movie? Well, that was my staycation today, albeit done with a computer on my lap designing a website, but still dreamy.

Epiphany: a visceral understanding of something you already know.
— Jen Sincero

While today was a pretty normal, mundane day, it’s not lost on me that I am one week in to this thing. And to be quite honest, it really hasn’t been that difficult. I think the difference this time is that I made the decision and it’s pretty water tight.

I also am so grateful to have the means to share it as it gives me enormous accountability. Even if there is just one of you reading this, it’s been extremely helpful.

One of the mistakes I have personally made in the past was to try to tackle any “resolution” or goal by myself. I didn’t tell anyone that I:

  • Wanted to lose weight

  • Wanted to quit drinking

  • Wanted to get out of debt

  • Wanted to eat better

And so, therefore, I was alone in my struggle with no defense when I came upon a roadblock. I didn’t feel like explaining my reasons to every single person that chuckled when I said no thanks. I isolated myself thinking that if I could avoid the situations all together it would just be easier and I would finally succeed. It’s not sustainable.

I can tell you it never works. How do I know this? I have two decades of proof.

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