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And the circle we don’t talk about.

The closest people in your life are not {necessarily} going to be your best customers.

I thought when I opened my first business I was going to be guaranteed at LEAST 100 customers because we have a huge family and a large circle of really great friends.  You can imagine how broken-hearted I was when I could count on one hand how many of them walked through the door after the initial grand opening with free champagne stopped flowing.  I thought I had failed.  I thought they didn’t support me.  I thought and thought and thought and thought.

And that got me no where.

Initially, wrapping my head around this social circle concept as it pertains to business ownership was tough. But I’ve developed a philosophy over the past few years that’s been a lifesaver for my tender heart—it’s what I call my “FIRST CIRCLE, SECOND CIRCLE” theory.


The first social circle comprises those closest to you: your partner, parents, lifelong friends, maybe your closest pals, or even siblings—those who’d go to the ends of the earth for you (maybe not that dramatic, but you catch my drift). These are the folks who love you unconditionally and would do anything to shield you from harm. It’s a tight-knit, inner circle. However, they’re not going to be your best customers. They may never visit your business, buy a product, suggest your services to friends or even mention or ask about your dream. This is confusing and hurtful because isn’t this the circle you should be able to count on the most?


Then, there’s the second circle. It’s broader, encompassing acquaintances, friends of friends, beloved relatives, your parents’ or siblings’ buddies, social media connections, customers, clients, community members, former colleagues, neighbors, business allies, fellow female entrepreneurs, and anyone genuinely rooting for your success. These are the ones that suggest, share and buy from you BECAUSE it’s you.

social circle

Here’s the crux: your first social circle keeps you grounded, reminding you of life beyond the business world. They offer a respite from profit margins and strategic plans. Sometimes, it may seem like they’re not fully behind your dreams, but it’s out of concern, not lack of love. They’re the ones asking the tough questions, expressing doubts, maybe making snide remarks (which could be jealousy-induced, but that’s a story for another day).

Now, your second circle—hold onto these folks tightly. They’re your lifelines, your cheerleaders, your virtual and real-world support squad. You might not know them well beyond their Instagram handles, but they’re there for you. They understand the entrepreneurial journey, the fears of both failure and success, the loneliness of self-employment, and the importance of community support.


Then there’s the third ring, often overlooked. It’s beyond the second circle and fades as you gain confidence and embrace authenticity. Initially, it’s glaring and irritating—the jealous, envious bunch. They wish they had your courage and determination but lack the guts. They can be noisy, but remember, their negativity stems from their own insecurities. It’s tough, especially in the beginning, but redirect your energy away from them. The less you engage, the quicker they fade into the background.

“At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it.”

Individuals may transition between these circles, perhaps moving from the third ring to the second once they witness your success. Some may even straddle both the first and second rings when they are assured of your safety, evolving into cherished customers and supporters. Embrace this fluidity as it’s a natural part of human nature. Holding ring-jumping against someone is a waste of your precious energy.

Understanding the dynamics of the “FIRST CIRCLE, SECOND CIRCLE” theory can be pivotal for navigating the journey of entrepreneurship. While the first circle provides grounding and protection, often questioning your decisions out of love, the second circle offers vital support and understanding, essential for fueling your ambitions. As for the third ring, acknowledging the presence of jealousy and negativity with compassion is crucial, but it’s equally important to minimize their influence on your path to success. By embracing the strengths of each circle and leveraging their respective roles, entrepreneurs can find balance, resilience, and ultimately, fulfillment in their endeavors.

What do you think? Does this make sense in your entrepreneurial journey?

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