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Here I spill the tea on balancing hustle and heart with tips and tricks for thriving in business while taking care of yourself, because success is best served with a side of serenity!

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I had the opportunity to hear Katy Ripp speak at the event at Dancing Goat Distillery, put on by Events by Miggys for women entrepreneurs. In the spirit of full disclosure, I work for Katy and get to hear her wisdom on the regular, but this speech was different. Katy has a unique and inspiring story that she tells in such a funny, charismatic, engaging way that you could listen to it over and over. Her speech at this event could probably fit under the “motivational speaker” category, but it was anything from the cliché, simply said in a different way, go and get them type of talk. Katy is a realist. She doesn’t beat around the bush or add any fluff to her story to make it anything other than it is – a story about someone who worked harder than most others ever will to get to where she is today. I was laughing, I was crying, I was relating, and more than anything I walked away feeling so fulfilled from the experience, and for lack of a better word, motivated to take what she said and actually use it! I wish everyone hoping to build something or create something or take a leap of faith could hear Katy speak.

—Cassie B.

“I’ve always been impressed with Katy and everything she does, so I knew having her as a speaker would be great. She blew past my expectations by a mile. Every single person left feeling extremely inspired by Katy’s real life advice and down to earth personality. Her bits of humor was the cherry on top of a well rounded and riveting speech. I didn’t want it to end! Can’t say enough good things about Katy, all of her ventures, and her speaking abilities.”

—Shelby O.

In a world that continually celebrates the achievements of women breaking through glass ceilings, climbing corporate ladders, and excelling in their chosen fields, it's easy to assume that these high-achieving women have it all together.  Read more.

The Struggle of High-Achieving Women

balancing success and everything else