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A few years ago, my very talented husband finally gave in to my whining and built out our attic into a seed starting space. I start around 10K seeds every year for our cut flower farm and since I’m too lazy to trudge down to the shed, the space off of our master bathroom above our garage became my little seed sanctuary.

Of course Dale won’t do anything half-assed, so this place is complete with ship lap walls, luxury vinyl plank floors and white quartz shelving and countertops. It even has a Solatube skylight.

It’s nicer than any other room in the house. For real.

After a couple of years starting seeds and then leaving it in shambles for the summer, I decided to transform it in to a yoga and meditation space just for me in the off-season.

This is what we refer to as shambles.

This is what we refer to as shambles.

You may not have a dedicated space like this, but let’s be real, it is an attic above the garage right next to our master bathroom toilet. And our master bathroom is not fit for a master…more like a jester. So, it is possible.

It didn’t really take all that much to make the space comfortable, relaxing and inviting; a little elbow grease and a few yoga and meditation essentials I found around the house. I even had a little helper and all it cost me was a unicorn kid’s yoga mat.

Here’s what you might want for a yoga and meditation sanctuary to start an at-home practice:

  • Space. It doesn’t need to be much bigger than the size of a yoga mat. Wherever that space might be for you; on the floor at the end of your bed, in the hallway, the basement, your balcony, try to roll out your mat in the same spot every session. Allow it to become a ritual. It might take a few tries to find the right space; have patience.

  • A Yoga Mat. The four corners of your mat and what’s within them is really all you need to start and commit to an at-home yoga practice. If you need a few suggestions, below are links to a few of my favorites.

  • Speaker or Device. Music is important to set the tone or mood of your yoga or meditation practice. This can be anything from an old record player with your favorite vinyl or your brand new shiny iPhone. Note: If it is the device you’re chained to all day long, promise me you’ll put it in Do Not Disturb mode for the duration of your practice. We have enough squirrels running around in our heads to have to wrestle with the ding of an FB notification too.

  • Music, Podcast or Recording. If you plan to actually do yoga in your space (sometimes setting it up is as far as I get), find a yoga recording or podcast you enjoy. Again, this might take some trial and error, so keep trying until you find the right fit. After the pandemic, there should be no shortage of virtual and/or online options to choose from. Below are a few of my favorites.

  • Props. Depending on what kind of practice you’re starting, you might want a few accessories to make your practice more comfortable or accommodating.

    • A strap and a simple block can work wonders in deepening stretches, aligning poses properly and increasing strength. Bolsters are handy for support in a meditation, yin or restorative practice.

  • Water Bottle. I’m a sucker for a cute water bottle (I may or may not have a problem) so ignore me if you’re happy drinking out of a regular glass. Of course, any water container will do but I find it so much easier to drink water if it comes in gets delivered in a cute vehicle. Just make sure you have it, however you drink it.

  • Plants. I’m a flower farmer, so forgive me if I marry two of my passions here. I would argue no studio is complete without some plant life. There are so many varieties of houseplants; some that don’t need any light at all to thrive. Studies have proven that plants can reduce stress and boost your mood so I don’t think you need additional reasons. Save a little water in that cute bottle and give your plant a drink after every session. Voila.

  • Lighting. No need to get fancy here, unless you can. Just like music, lighting is important in setting the tone of our space. A simple candle in a dark room may be all you need. If sunlight is important, consider setting up your space next to a south-facing window or even outdoors if poosible.

  • Aromatherapy. Knowing how scent can impact your mood gives you the opportunity to use it to your advantage. If you’re looking to unwind, you’ll want to focus on scents which contain Lavender. Need a pick me up? The scent of citrus can make you feel more awake, productive and calm. Essential oil diffusers are great but a candle will do too. And nothing is better than fresh lemon slices or lavender from the garden.

  • Mists. End your practice with a cool body mist. Simply tap a couple drops of essential oil or lemon juice in to a small spray bottle and mist away.

Pick and choose from this list or just build on it when you can.

While cute “things” can be fun, the only thing you’ll ever need is your body, your breath and your willingness to move.

Much better.

Much better.

A few of my favorite things:

How to create a yoga sanctuary.png

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