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Day 16: Is busy the new black?

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The following is going to address time. It seems to be the biggest argument for not following through on a healthy goal, and for 20+ years it was my numero uno excuse.

My plate has not been any less full in the last 16 days than it was the 16 days before that. Possibly the fullest it’s been in a long time; I drive two kids to sports 4 days a week, a large project with a looming deadline of February 1st tacked on to my already hectic work to-do list, seed ordering and planning for my glorified hobby/side job, a remodel on our shed that my husband has been devoting all of his time to, a house to be cleaned, laundry to be done, kids, dogs and cats to be fed and watered and the daily writing of this blog.

From the deepest part of my soul I don’t tell you all of that to brag that I’m busier than you or anyone else. I loathe when you ask someone how they’re doing and they’re like, “Fine. Busy, but fine.”

When did being busy become the new black?

I digress.

In the last 16 days I have been able to attend a yoga class 8 times and have walked at least two and half and at the most 5.72 miles 14 times. I have gotten more done around my house than I have in years (no joke,) prepped meals and snacks, made dinner at home 12 out of the 16 evenings, cleaned out junk cabinets and drawers and slept an average of 9 hours every night (which is per the usual for me). It’s sort of unbelievable when I type it all out.

I was the best at convincing myself I didn’t have time to work out or prep meals or blah, blah, blah. I probably could have won an award I was so good at it. And now I know why.

I just hadn’t made the decision.

I filled my time with Facebook, some serious internet surfing and naps. I’d go to lunch with friends or find any excuse to get out of my house in the evenings. It was easy and fun, until the next day when the cycle would start all over again with the same long to-do list. It was like Groundhog Day every day.

One of my biggest fears was boredom when I gave up alcohol. Um, not so much.

Body + Mind


My mind today was on forgiveness.

I told you that I have been listening to some self-help hippie chick shit lately and all of them seem to have this one marching order in common; FORGIVE.

So, I did my homework. I wrote down everything and everyone I think of to forgive, including myself.

Apparently there’s supposed to be some magic that comes out of that. I’ll report it when it presents itself. And, this probably won’t be the last time you’ll hear about forgiveness from me.

House + Home

I started to dip in my laundry duty today, so I had to catch up. It was only two loads so not so bad.

I think I told you that Dale and I went through all of our pots and pans and donated or chucked the ones that we don’t use or were too disgusting to use. We bought some of those As Seen on TV Copper pans…THEY’RE THE BOMB! This blog is too small to be making any money on advertising, so I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. They don’t stick, cook evenly and wash up beautifully. I flipped three fried eggs in them this morning…pretty fancy.

Debt + Finances

This is fun with a capital F.

When I woke up this morning I had a message on Facebook Marketplace that someone wanted my external CD drive and an Apple mouse. WTF? I put it up expecting nothing, I just found it in the cupboard yesterday when I was looking for Chapstick.

Twenty bones.

Parenthood + Relationships

I actually have hardly seen my family today. It’s about 6:45p and we haven’t even eaten dinner yet. Basketball, friend’s house, yoga, etc.

I do have a date night of The Office watching later though.

Travel + Staycations

Again, my staycation came in the form of savasana at yoga tonight. After I got a good sweat on, a beach/ocean track came over the speakers topped off with a cold, wet towel drenched in essential oils from our BOMB instructor.

The first time I attended one of her classes as this was the treat at the end I told her it was like winning the lottery. Because it was.

Now she gives me two towels. Love you Annie.

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