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Day 17: Act As If

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If you want something, you have to ACT as if you already have it.

Not that long ago, I thought I had tried everything to lose weight. Every attempt and failure solidified my conclusion that I “just can’t lose weight.” I would give “everything” I had for two weeks and then see very little to no result and quit.

I realize now I had not tried everything. I mean, I tried all the shit that promised quick, easy weight loss; the “10 Days to a Flatter Stomach,” “Lose 10 lbs by doing these seven exercises,” etc, etc. The fad diets were even worse. The Whole 30 turned in to a Whole Lotta’ Nothing, that lemon, cayenne pepper thing, no sugar, no bread, no red meat, no life.

Among other things, the simple beginning to a simple sentence changed my tune recently.

“Act as if you already are [insert goal weight or size or feeling].” You’re going to have to do what that person does and, this is the kicker, do NOT do the things they don’t do.

So, if I am already thin and strong and healthy, I bet I:

  • find the time to work out every day.

  • plan my meals ahead of time so I don’t get caught in the middle of the day starving, with only sandwich, noodle and burrito shops around.

  • shop for clothes more and spend a little more time on my appearance

  • I put myself on the top of every to-do list I make.

  • don’t want to get up and go to class on a cold, winter morning, but I do it anyway.

  • still feel uncomfortable in the weight room or yoga class or walking on the street, but I have realized that discomfort is the only way to find comfort.

  • have discovered by now that the same insecurities and issues I have will stay with me until I deal with them, no matter what size I am.

  • make self-care is my top priority.

  • forgive myself for setbacks and get right back on that horse.

  • don’t quit right before it gets good.

  • allow for free days, special occasion treats and rest days.

  • don’t drink alcohol every night.

  • don’t follow fad diets or crazy workout plans. I stick to what I like and things that are sustainable.

  • have patience in my goals because the time will pass anyway.

  • know that I am the same exact person I was before.

I stuck a little Post-It note on my mirror that says Act as if… to remind me to make choices based on a belief that I already am everything I want to be.

Because, in truth, we are everything we need to be right now. Not in one day, one month or 100 lbs from now.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Body + Mind


I’ve been talking about my mind a lot lately so I thought I’d go in to some of the changes I have felt in my physical bod.

I have bunions.

(I swear to God and all things holy I am going to come up with a better diagnostic name than that. I am not sure what it makes me feel like; old, decrepit, gross or what, but it makes me shutter.)

In any case, I had surgery on my left foot about 10 months after Miles was born (almost 10 years ago) and certainly need my right foot done. I even went so far as to meet with a podiatrist at the end of the fall last year.

There’s really never a convenient time for it and I was dreading it, mostly because the last two surgeries I’ve had have me barfing in someone’s car or driveway on the way home.

They are painful, annoying and lame. It’s difficult to bend my toes and walking hurt and don’t even get me started on finding shoes that don’t rub them.

However, in the back of my mind I have always thought if I could take off some of the weight my feet carry around, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad. And, sure enough, since I started walking regularly and practicing yoga, the pain has all but gone away.

If you talk to any podiatrist they’ll tell you there’s no cure or reversal and I am sure at one point I will have to have surgery, however, in this case it’s gotten better recently.

I’m going to take that as a win.

House + Home

We are getting so close to having our shed remodel finished, in which case, I think I’ll get my husband back; I mean until the next project comes along.

I am still cleaning out closets, drawers and cabinets, just a little at a time. This technique is a far cry from my normal “I’ve had it up to here” attempts which include throwing everything out of the cabinet, yelling at everyone to come get their shit and throwing things away I’ll need next week.

It’s a small win.

Debt + Finances

Taxes. Death and taxes. Ugh.

Every year about this time I start freaking out about taxes. Both Dale and I have our own side businesses so our taxes are a little more complicated than just uploading our W-2s to Turbo Tax.

The forms are starting to arrive in the mail which heightens my awareness that we have a deadline to get our shit to our accountant. This year I vow to find the positive side and be thankful that when we have to pay in it’s because we make enough money to pay in.

Wish me luck.

Parenthood + Relationships

Miles has been complaining of a stomach ache for a few days right when he gets home from school and right before he goes to bed, sometimes with tears.

I try not to go to the dark side, but it’s making me feel like something is going on. I’m nervous I have missed these cues for a long time because I was so wrapped up in my own shit. I am not proud of this but the only thing I can do now is pay more attention and try to get to the bottom of it.

Travel + Staycations

Man, it’s real brown, cold and crappy here. Sounds like we might get some snow this weekend which will allow us to get outside and do something.
If we get some snow, my staycation will come in the form of watching my snow-loving dogs romp around.

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