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Day 2: The Buckets

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I decided today that I am going to break these posts down in to categories since, otherwise, I’ll be all over the place with my thoughts. I suppose some days will have blank categories and other will be filled to the brim, but you get the idea.

Mainly, I am trying to scrub out and clean up five main buckets [buckets sound cooler than categories]:

  • Health + Fitness

  • House + Home

  • Debt + Finances

  • Parenthood + Relationships

  • Travel + Staycations

Health + Wellness

I have decided to share my weight with all of you. I know…GASP! However, I do wear it around on my bones and muscles all day every day so I am not hiding anything anyway. I promised truth, you’re gonna get the truth: 213.1 That’s what it was this morning when I woke up…and yesterday morning.

It won’t be a secret that this 90 day journey has a weight loss goal attached to it. I can do math, I know how many calories are in a glass of peanut gringilo (read: Pinot Grigio, sorry, inside joke, but funny enough for your enjoyment) and I know how many glasses of said wine I was drinking. It’s simple math. I am tracking my weight loss on a couple of apps to see which, if any, I like. I’ll post those graphics along the way and give you my full report.

I spent 30 minutes in the So Sound Lounge at Spa-Tique, enjoyed a magnificent 60 minute massage and I’ll be heading to yoga in a little bit. I’d say my body feels pretty darn good today.

House + Home

Well, my house is sort of still torn up from the holidaze and my lack of motivation to clean it up. I spent my 15 minutes this morning doing dishes, cleaning out the fridge and making the beds, but other than that, I have been working from home most of the day. It will still be there tomorrow.

Debt + Finances

I HAD to go grocery shopping this morning. On top of my husband forgetting that the kids were going back to school today, we had no cereal, milk, bread or yogurt. The horror! I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to hear anyone bitching that we didn’t have any food MORE. But, alas, this was a totally successful trip! First of all, it took me like 25 minutes because I was smart enough to make a list and meal plan before I went (I know, genius).

Almost everything on that list was on sale. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the day after the New Year and no one’s buying food because they all went on diets or what (and honestly, I don’t really care why) but seriously, I saved $34 on a $110 bill. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

Oh, and I also saved the $21.99 that I DIDN’T spend on wine. I think I’ll just take that $20 out of my wallet and put it in a safe place.

Parenthood + Relationships

This morning was harried and I wasn’t all that nice to my husband or kids. We were late due to a necessary shower because I sweat like a hog last night. We didn’t have the breakfast anyone wanted and I couldn’t find any fucking gloves for Miles. I slowed down enough to at least give everyone a kiss and hug and tell them I love them, but not my proudest morning ever.

Travel + Staycations

Besides my massage and yoga which in my book qualify as a staycation, not much here today. It did snow about 5 inches in the last few days so it looks beautiful. I went outside and watched the dogs frolic in the snow for a while. I think that counts since it’s one of my favorite things.

Update: I did get my ass to yoga today. It was blissful. I can almost guarantee that had this 90 day decision not have been made, I would have bought the wine and stayed home. I know that because I did it last week. Also, just a little thought that struck me tonight. My husband asked how Day Two went, bless his heart. I said, “Geez. I have gone two days without drinking wine or coffee before you know.” (I know, not very studly in the old appreciation department.) It brings up a good point. Today was like any ordinary day; no event or social engagement to navigate. I’m guessing the first seven days are not going to be the tough ones…stay tuned.

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