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Day 3: Water Weight.

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Health + Wellness

The day started out like all the others this week; five minutes of guided meditation with my feet up the wall (on my handsome new DIY headboard by my husband), making my bed, spending five minutes with my planner, brushing my teeth and weighing myself.


Boom. And, yes, I know it’s probably water weight, but it’s still a win. However, this is about where I self-sabotage. I would consider this worthy of a reward, like a night in with a good-intentioned friend, and I would “deserve” a glass (or 3) of wine after all the work I put in this week. Plus it’s almost the weekend!

Unfortunately, I would wake up tomorrow feeling ashamed and guilty and like a failure. And, of course it would be the weekend, so “I’ll start Monday again.” Again.

Not this time you Wine Witch. I 5-4-3-2-1’d my ass out for a walk on a beautiful Wisconsin winter day. Win.

House + Home

I was right. It’s still here…and will be tomorrow.

I spent my fifteen minutes this morning, but that was about it.

Debt + Finances

Besides the $40 I HAD to put in my gas tank because I literally had 2 miles left when I pulled in to the station, I spent no money today.

Parenthood + Relationships

We had a rough day with Miles. I am not sure if he’s still nursing the Christmas break hangover or what. He was moody, snappy and all-around crabby. Nothing I said or did seemed to be right (he is my child after all), but something felt off. I immediately went in to “I’m the worst mom” mode and thought up all the times I had not played with him over break or the extensive screen time we let him have. But, instead I decided I would take some action and we played a game of chess after dinner. He seemed to perk up then. I also made a real passive-aggressive comment to my husband about said-parenting, which now I realize I was just reflecting my feelings of my own parenting inadequacy on to him. It wasn’t fair.

Filter, Katy. Filter.

Travel + Staycations

I played with the dogs, went for a walk, made a vision board with my favorite gal pal, Maddie and got beat at chess by Miles. Pretty great day at home.

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