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Day 26: Unplanned Rest Day

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Today was the first day in eight days I didn’t practice yoga.

A few short months ago I wasn’t practicing, although it was always on my mind. Ya’ know…I should be doing this or I shouldn’t be doing that. I wanted to be able to say, “Hey hon, I’m going to yoga. You got the kids, right?” Instead I would either call up a friend to hang and drink wine or I’d find something unproductive to do … like drink wine.

I was thinking about it the other night as I was driving to a 6:45pm Hot Yin Yoga class (after I said, “Hey hon, I’m going to yoga. You got the kids?”); things have certainly changed. And, if anything, they’ve gotten easier, not harder like I thought they would. I don’t give another thought to going to yoga or for a walk or ordering a club soda or sleeping through the night.

It’s just easy.

Today, the hardest thing I faced physically was carrying 500 Costco groceries indoors. Mentally, it was that it felt too cold to go for a walk outside and there were no yoga classes at a convenient time (and that I am slipping far behind my sister in our Apple competition). Yes, those sound like excuses (because they are) but I’m not a masochist; it was -25 degrees when I woke up this morning…a new record for Madison, Wisconsin.

No thanks.

I’m down for an unplanned rest day.

House + Home

As we were loading the dishwasher tonight Dale and I vowed that we were going to live in a house someday (soon) that you don’t have to step over the dishwasher door because it hits the island.

I love my house with all it’s little idiosyncrasies, however today we found that mice had eaten a good portion of my seeds for our cut flower farm production.

Coupled with the dishwasher and the shitty windows, I’ll be manifesting some improvement money very soon.

And the cats and I are going to have a little comin’ to Jesus soon.

Debt + Finances

I didn’t get to my big financial declutter like I planned. If I can keep my eyes open after this I will, otherwise it looks like it will be at the top of my priority list tomorrow.

As mentioned above, I did a Costco run between basketball games. Maddie came with me which always costs me some toy or book or shirt plus a slice of cheese pizza. Today it was cute water bottles [I have a problem].

And while I bought enough food for the arctic blast to last through May, I did not buy the following:

  • Caribou Coffee K-Cups | Savings: $37.99

  • Horizon Half & Half | Savings: $4.19 (btw, this is the best 1/2 + 1/2 on earth)

  • Butter Chardonnay | $9.99

  • Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio | $12.99

A savings of $65.16+tax.

Instead I got myself some new underwear and bralets, because let’t be honest, who can handle the underwire anymore? Costco underwear and bralets, but new ones just the same.

Parenthood + Relationships

Everything started out just great today. We woke up early, snuck in a quick episode of The Office, and went to basketball where I got to chat with a true red-headed favorite and watched my other curly haired fave coach my kid.

I came from a hockey family so basketball was NEVER even an option, either to play or watch. Imagine my surprise when I was in technical college working for the athletic department where I got hired as the statistician for the men’s basketball team. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Basketball has quickly become one of our favorite sports to watch our son play. Since Dale and I have zero skills, it’s been up to his peers and coaches to help him improve. And improve he has.

I have totally turned in to that mom that loves to watch their kids play sports. And I fully admit turning my nose up at those who said that exact thing when my kids were still in diapers. As a matter of fact, I was tooting the same horn during baseball season six months ago. I even posted the following on Facebook:

“I never thought I’d be a mom. Until I met Dale, it was never a goal of mine, but things change. Today was our inaugural baseball tournament for our eldest, Miles. I have pitied all the parents before me that are slave to sports; soccer, gymnastics, la crosse, baseball, basketball, football, dance….you name it. And, I openly admit to rolling my eyes and (dare I say) judging those that give up free time to cart kids miles across the state, and sometimes country, just to see the smile I saw on my kid’s face today. I get it now…and I apologize for my ignorance. To all the parents that are running crazy with sports this summer, kudos to you. For those of you that have decided to take a chill pill from activities, I see you, and appreciate you. Let’s just all root for each other.”

I still believe everything about the above statement. There is a place for everyone and rest days, or months, are absolutely required and permitted.

And, if you think or say you’re a bad mom for running like crazy or taking a break, we can’t be friends.

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