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Day 25: It’s frackin’ cold.

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So this journaling thing is new to me and it’s becoming increasingly hard to come up with new, interesting content about my daily life.

Mainly because there’s really nothing interesting about my life. Which I think is just fine.

Also, it probably goes without saying but I write these usually right before I go to bed. And because I am writing from my heart (and my head) sometimes it comes out all wonky.

When I get back to writing normal articles, I promise it will be more organized.

Body + Mind


Everyone in Wisconsin is currently walking around like Frankenstein meets the Abominable Snowman; tightly wrapped in furry hoods with their shoulders shrugged up by their ears, scarves up to their frozen eyelashes and wearing big Sorel boots.

Which, by the way, Sorel boots were NOT cool when I was a kid. They had one style; brown rubber bottoms, brown leather sides, wool inserts, tied up with the ugliest (now trendy) yellow laces. It brings back fond memories of my childhood. Now I’d have to sell one of my children to afford a pair.

I did take a minute this morning and drive to one of my favorite spots, stepped out of the car to admire the view, took a big, cleansing deep breath, snapped the dreaded selfie and quickly got back in my car.

Normally I would have driven through the Starbucks drive thru, waiting longer than the whole process above took, for a Grande Whole Milk Latte spending 300 calories and dropping $5. I got a much bigger rush from that deep breath and I didn’t crash 3 hours later.

I really hate selfies, especially because someone named them selfies.
Maybe they’ll grow on me.

On a totally separate, and probably TMI note, my digestive system is not all that happy with me and I’m still trying to figure out why. I have never had a problem in that department so this is new and super annoying. I am only drinking water, club soda or herbal tea so I’m pretty sure I am well hydrated, I’ve been eating lots of veggies and very little sugar (a welcome by-product of sobriety I guess) and have attended yoga every single day this week so my organs are nice and massaged too. I sincerely hope this is just temporary. It consumes my life when I can’t take a good poop.

Who’s with me?

House + Home

As I type this my husband is putting plastic over our old farmhouse windows.

We have had to do this in every house we own and it bugs me to no end. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do love using the blow dryer to make the plastic shrink so it’s super tight; there’s something mesmerizing about it. But, one day very soon I am going to live a life where I don’t have to do this or be frightened that my house will freeze from the inside out during -65 degree wind chills that are predicted for next week.

Mark my words.

Debt + Finances

Tomorrow is the big day. I am going to tackle our accounts by combining a few, open the kids’ savings accounts and close all but one major credit card.

I feel the need to declutter everywhere.

Parenthood + Relationships

We all had a lovely dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants and ran in to friends we haven’t seen for a while. It was so nice to catch up with them and hear about new jobs, kids, etc.

It’s exciting to see people come in to their own after years of working hard. I don’t know why I have never thought about it before but listening to someone get excited about a new adventure is contagious.

I’m dreaming big dreams and I am genuinely excited for the ones that are dreaming big too.

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