Club Soda + Lime

Day 35: I fell off the wagon.

It was the coffee wagon, but still.

Well, sort of. I had a decaf latte at my local coffee shop. I haven’t stepped foot in the place since January 1st and I felt it was my civic duty. Yes, I totally could have had tea, but damn that latte tasted good.

Failure? Maybe.

Body + Soul


My yoga class started out lovely this morning, until about 15 minutes in, while folded over in a straddle with my ass reflecting in the mirror, I discovered I had a huge hole in my pants. Right in the crotch.

Man, it totally threw me off my yoga game. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Plus, I was wearing light blue underwear so there was no camoflouging it.

I just couldn’t stay out of my head, until the end. I realized no one was probably looking at me and they certainly weren’t looking at my crotch. It took me back to the first day I went to yoga after a long hiatus in November.

On a separate but similar note, today was the first day my hips opened up enough for me to fold all the way down in pigeon pose. For you yogis, or people with tight hips, this is a major accomplishment.

My body is starting to adjust, in more ways than just a number on the scale or how my clothes are fitting. It’s quite rewarding. So rewarding I’m going back for more tonight.

I changed my pants.

House + Home

One of my two favorite days of the month was today.


They just keep getting better and better. Of all the things I do for myself, healthy and non, this is my favorite. It is the best money I spend. And I’m not the only one that benefits from it which is the cherry on top.

If you’ve ever thought about this, please find a way. You will not regret it.

Fortune + Abundance

I keep selling, they keep buying.

I just keep finding random shit around my house that just isn’t serving a purpose, selling it and collecting the moola.

This might be my new hobby.

Nature + Nurture

The more I journal about my life, the more I realize that the phrase no news is good news, especially in this department, is right on.

It’s true that we’ve had news worthy events take place in marriage and parenthood. But right now, we seem to be without drama. And I am extremely grateful for that.

I am also not naive. I know that we will face adversity in one or both departments again.

Just for today, though, I am happy I have nothing more exciting to report than we are having spaghetti for dinner.

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