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Day 44: Perspective.

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I know I am not going to do this post justice because I ran out of time today. I might have to add on to this tomorrow.

Body + Soul


It’s funny how your low number eventually becomes a high number you don’t want to see anymore. A month ago I couldn’t imagine seeing 202.2 on the scale and now I’m annoyed by it.

Talk about perspective.

The further away I get from January 1 the less and less this is about drinking and the more it’s about getting healthy. I truly can’t express in words how I feel or why it’s such a big deal.

wanted to work out today. Not like, “oh man, I should really…” Like I actually wanted to and then, drum roll please, actually did.

I used to look at all those long graphics of “lazy girl workouts” or “10 minute morning routines” on Pinterest…you know the one’s I’m talking about…and think I could get myself to do them. It’s only 10 minutes or it’s only 4 exercises or whatever.

And I would do them. Twice. The first time on January 1st and then a week later when the soreness finally wore of from the first time. And then I’d just say fuck it and quit.

I didn’t have to talk myself in to it or negotiate about it today. I just did it.

And I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.

House + Home

I got nothin.

Fortune + Abundance

We had our tax appointment tonight.

While I don’t love that we have to pay in a butt load of money, I also accept this as reality. There’s nothing that annoys me more then people bitching about how much they have to pay in. That means you are making enough, or more than enough, money.

In any case, I am thankful we make that much money. I am proud to pay in for the people that teach my kids, save our lives and protect our way of life.

I am no accountant, I also happily pay for that service, and I don’t get very political, but I just find no reason to spend my energy on crying about taxes.

Nature + Nurture

I wish I could express the gratitude I feel for the lunch I shared with my brother today.

I’ll keep this short because I could go on and on. As a matter of fact, our lunch date that should have taken a half hour ended 2 hours later. No one should take that long to eat poke…unless you’re Cory eating edamame with chopsticks.

I digress.

I haven’t been able to physically talk to a lot of people about this process. Partly because I have been stuck in this house for one reason or another for a month. So when he express a little interest I was like a dog with a bone.

And the poor thing had to listen to all my preaching and righteousness. He probably felt like he was in some really terrible mandatory counseling session appointed by a judge. It was ugly. It even included a pink shark head that will haunt him every time he says “I can’t.”

At the time it all sounded so good coming out of my mouth, or so I thought, but I was real know-it-all. Who am I to give him unsolicited advice? In any case, he took it like a real champ like only a little brother can do.

I won’t hold my breath for another lunch invitation for a while though.

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