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Day 50: Find somewhere you like, with people you love.

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We all have those days we just can’t seem to get it right.

I chose the wrong underwear AND yoga pants to wear to class so, for most of the hour, I was yanking clothing either down, up or out of something. It was distracting to say the least, but it still did the job and I laid in savasana like I was laying on the beach.

Speaking of laying, I fed myself with a 60 (turned 90) minute massage this afternoon. Of course it felt amazing for my body but the way I connect with my massage therapist is more like soul therapy. She just gets me and lets me jabber on for the entire time. And you know to hear myself talk.

Self-care is the bomb. I highly recommend it.

House + Home

I don’t really care about that place right now. I mean, I do, but I am staying present in the moment of hotel bliss; swimming, hot tubbing and snacking.

I leave the furry half of my family in the capable hands of Queen R, farm-sitting extraordinaire.

No, you may not have her number.

Fortune + Abundance

We were so desperate to get out of here we even called Southwest to see if they could change our ticket to tonight.

We weren’t $1000 desperate.

Nature + Nurture

A quick little ditty about booze and my relationships.

I have mentioned it here before but maybe not very clearly; it really isn’t bothering me that I am not drinking. Like at all. But it seems that some might think it is.

For instance, my husband and I love wheat beer. Like, love it. Every bar or micro brewery we visit we ask about the weiss. And tonight he ordered a beauty at dinner, rightfully so.

Me: How’s the beer?
Him: Pretty good.

One minute later.

Me: Are you just saying that and it’s actually the best wheat beer you’ve had in a while? Wink, wink.

Him (a little sheepishly): Yes. It’s actually REAL good. Best one in a while.

I totally get that this is weird for people, even, and especially, the ones closest to me. I am also not judging you if you’re drinking. It’s not like that.

Here’s why: I don’t have a great relationship with it. I never really have. I used it as a mini-vacation from my discomfort in whatever I was feeling. I know now that when I do get a hankerin’ for a cocktail (and I do), I know it’s because I am trying to avoid something albeit temporarily. I can, and will, go in to this more later, but I want to address it as it pertains to this vacation.

On the way down here I thought, and said aloud, how I am more excited for this trip than I have been in years (my dad has lived in Florida for 9 winters and we have only missed one). I am excited I am not going to feel blurry getting on the plane tomorrow (because I would have indulged in more than one wheat beer), I can’t wait to walk in the sunshine, read by the pool and wake up every morning clear and energetic.

I am not nervous about what I’ll say or do or what elephant will be sitting in the chaise lounge around the pool with me.

My anxiety about taking a vacation (and most everything else) is all but gone. Obviously, I care about all of the things at home, but life will go on without me for a few days. Everyone deserves a break.

And, if you don’t think you do, you’re the one that needs it most of all.

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