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Day 49: Life’s a beach.

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I laughed harder at card club last night than I ever remember doing at all the ones before. My cheeks hurt this morning.

I was up until midnight, way past my bedtime, but woke up this morning with no hangover and a ton of energy. I recall saying to Dale before we crawled in to bed how excited I was to know I wasn’t going to feel like shit.

So, still fun and no shame. I’ll take it.

Body + Soul


It’s always hard to see that number go up, however, I am learning to have faith.

I have proof of the last 6 weeks that I always go up before I come down. But, I’ll be honest here, I over-indulged in some Valentine’s Sweet Tart Hearts and Starbuck’s lattes last week. Oops.

Luckily we are heading to the land of fresh fruit, seafood and sunshine on Tuesday. It might be the only time in history that I will come back from vacation lighter than when I left.

House + Home

The kids did their chores today while I was at work. Pretty impressive. I, of course, worked on designing a pretty checklist today because it will DEFINITELY work with a pretty checklist. (Does anyone else feel this way?)

The cleaning ladies come tomorrow (yay!) so I am finishing up all the crap I haven’t done for the last two weeks. It’s getting better since I have been unloading clutter like crazy.

Fortune + Abundance

I have been working on manifesting as much money as I can.

I don’t have a great relationship with it so like anything else, I need to pay more attention to and nurture it. I can’t expect anything to be different if I don’t change the way I look at it.

This is not that easy. I have some old, pent up crap that I need to unpack around money. And while there are some people, ahem many men I know and love, that cannot understand why there must be “feelings” around simple arithmetic. Like it or not, everything in my life has some sort of energetic charge around it.

However, the more I work on it (read, meditate, write, forgive) the more moola that just happens to show up in the weirdest places. It’s pretty unbelievable but also awesome.

Similar to other goals I am working on, I am learning that small little changes add up to big wins. I have always wanted things immediately and when shit got hard I just gave up.

The time passed anyway and here I am. I’m grateful it didn’t take my entire life to learn this.

Nature + Nurture

We’re heading south to the land of sand and sunshine. After the past few months of Wisconsin weather, we are ready.

Interestingly enough, I have no anxiety about not drinking on vacation. When fretting over this decision a few months ago, this was one of my biggest hang ups. We have made a habit of cocktailing for seven days straight when we go; laying by the pool, laying on the lanai, partaking in the very early happy hours and all around being lazy.

It’s always been a reward for a previous year of hard work and well-deserved. It is vacation after all. But looking back with a clear head, I always came back from that vacation needing a vacation feeling tired, heavier and dehydrated.

This year will be different in many ways. I want to take the kids to the beach, walk my ass off, try a new yoga studio, pamper myself at the spa and eat really good, fresh food. And while I’ve wanted those things before, I have no doubt I can make them happen this year.

Or, I’ll just lay by the pool.

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