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Day 67: What day is it?

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This week has sort of been a blur. I don’t know if it’s coming off vacation or the weather or what. But, my whole family is tired. And I am starting to have to calculate what day I am on. Never thought I’d say that.

It’s true we have a lot of irons in the fire right now. Just a whole bunch of projects coming together including our flower farming season is just about to explode with seed starting, field clean up, planting, etc.

This is about the time of year I go bat shit crazy. I’ve been cooped up in this house too long; all my cleaning and organizing efforts have waned, I start looking for new challenges and bite off way more than I can chew.

But, it’s just how I roll and the older I get the more a-okay with it I am. It keeps me out of trouble…and this year A LOT less trouble.

We had the time to go to a good ‘ole Wisconsin fish fry with friends tonight. And while normally I would not care that I have to work in the morning, or that I have plans to go to yoga, we’d go play Euchre and drink beer until midnight. Things are different now though.

Now, I’m not saying that will never happen ever again, just not tonight. I’m tired, I know I have to work tomorrow and I need to go to yoga. I knew all of this before too, I just didn’t care. I care more now and I’m enjoying all these little wins.

I put this out there to the social media world today, but in case you missed it I had a pretty big win today. First, even though I said I didn’t care about the scale the other day, it has read 197.5 for the past two days. (I care again) AND, I fit in to a shirt that has never looked or felt good on me, even when I bought it. Am I the only one with shit in their closet that doesn’t fit…with tags still on it? It’s okay if you do…I do too.

The other cool thing about this were the sweetest people handing out complements about my shirt today because they saw the ridiculous selfie I posted. While I said thank you to those that said, “nice shirt” with a wink and a smile, I’m not sure they will know how grateful I am they took the time and energy to voice the compliment. They didn’t have to. It means a lot when people notice and acknowledge efforts.

Plus, it makes me practice my intention of accepting compliments more gracefully. A work in progress for sure.

Here’s the kicker though…I came home to a letter in the mail, sealed with a golden unicorn. The card I pulled out read, “You Are Bat Shit Crazy. Yes, that’s a compliment.” Of course the card is perfect in every way but especially because it came from my hero in Oregon. A great way to top off the day.

Oh…AND Miles won $150 in pull tabs at the fish fry. Maybe that was the cherry on top. It’s a toss up.

I think I’ll go to bed while I’m ahead.

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