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Within this program, you'll learn how to harness the principles of design to craft the life you've always dreamt of but never thought possible. Don't let another day go by without taking action towards the life you deserve.

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welcome to the design your lifestyle program

A twelve-week intensive program designed to craft a lifestyle you've only ever dreamed of.  

This exclusive, twelve week one-on-one coaching program offers you a unique opportunity to design the life of your dreams with personalized guidance and support by a certified coach.

design your lifestyle

Week One: Define Your Vision

Designing a life you love is like embarking on an interior design project where you use the principles of design to create a space that reflects your essence and aspirations. Just as you start by envisioning the ambiance and functionality of each room, begin by discovering your core values and aspirations to define the essence of your ideal life. 

week two

design your lifestyle

Week Two: Setting Objectives and Constraints

Then, like selecting the perfect color palette and furniture pieces, identify the goals, habits, and experiences that align with your vision. 

week three

design your lifestyle

Week Three: Iteration and Adaptation

Embrace resilience and learn from setbacks to refine your path forward.

week four


Week Four: Embracing Creativity

Each decision you make, from arranging the elements of your day to curating relationships and opportunities, should harmonize with your desired lifestyle.

week five


Week Five: Attention to Detail

By applying design principles such as balance, proportion, and harmony to your life, you can cultivate a sense of fulfillment and joy in every moment, creating a living masterpiece that truly resonates with who you are.

week six


Week Six: Collaboration & Feedback

Just as a skilled interior designer seeks input from clients, collaborators, and experts to enrich their creative process, building a support network and seeking valuable input enriches your journey of designing a life you love.
nd focus to refine every aspect of your life.

week seven


Week Seven: Embracing Constraints as Opportunities

Much like an interior designer transforms design constraints into creative opportunities, embracing limitations can catalyze growth and innovation in designing a life you love. 

week eight


Week Eight: Defining Your Values

Just as every design element in a space should reflect the client's essence and aspirations, every decision and action in your life should align with what truly matters to you.

nd focus to refine every aspect of your life.

week nine


Week Nine: Cultivating Resilience

By embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and adaptation, you can uncover hidden strengths and innovative solutions.

week ten


Week Ten: Building Habits for Success

Just as a sustainable design minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency, cultivating sustainable habits empowers you to optimize your resources and energy.

nd focus to refine every aspect of your life.

week eleven


Week Eleven: Celebrating Success

Acknowledging your achievements and celebrating your journey towards success is vital for maintaining motivation and perspective.

nd focus to refine every aspect of your life.

week twelve


Week Twelve: Sustaining Your Lifestyle

Regularly review and adjust your blueprint as needed, staying flexible and responsive to changes in your circumstances and priorities. 

nd focus to refine every aspect of your life.

design your lifestyle

12 Weeks of One-on-One Private Coaching

Guidance and Support Between Calls

140+ Page Workbook of Tools

A Customized Blueprint of Your Designed Lifestyle

If you roll up your sleeves, stick to the plan, cut yourself some slack, and really dive in, you'll come out of this three-month ride seeing things in a whole new light. You'll feel ready to tackle anything with a creative spin and enjoy the next phase even more than you ever thought you could.


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