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Welcome to #ActuallyICan, the podcast for ambitious modern women who are ready to break free from societal norms and design life on their own terms. I’m your host, Katy Ripp, a lifestyle coach, business mentor, and serial entrepreneur.

This podcast is your guide to challenging expectations and embracing authenticity. Through candid conversations, humor, and deep exploration, you’ll leave each episode feeling empowered to prioritize your wellbeing and design your life creatively.

Whether you’re in need of a good laugh, looking for unconventional self-care and personal development tips, or simply seeking camaraderie, this podcast is your sanctuary. Tune in every Monday for your dose of self-care, spirituality, business acumen, and personal development, all while being inspired to live authentically.

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starting on your own
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i write therefore i am.

Hi, I'm Katy.
Your lifestyle designer and business mentor.

Writing is my way of unwinding and letting my thoughts roam free. Every so often, in the midst of this creative chaos, something clicks, and I'm like, "Hmm, maybe someone else will dig this too." So, I toss it out into the world, hoping it lands with someone who gets it.
I hope that's you.

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In a world that continually celebrates the achievements of women breaking through glass ceilings, climbing corporate ladders, and excelling in their chosen fields, it's easy to assume that these high-achieving women have it all together.  Read more.

The Struggle of High-Achieving Women

balancing success and everything else