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Here I spill the tea on balancing hustle and heart with tips and tricks for thriving in business while taking care of yourself, because success is best served with a side of serenity!

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“The number 8 is considered the Great Karmic Equalizer. In numerology, the number 8 is a force that can create as well as it can destroy. When the number 8 comes into your life, it’s a great sign that you will reap what you sow. In addition, the symmetrical shape of the number 8 suggests evenhandedness and poise. It’s the picture of perfect balance. And this balance is an important factor when it comes to enduring challenges in life. The presence of numerology 8 represents stability in any aspect of life or situation.”

Numerology 8 Meaning: Universalism and Power
By Megan Bryant | Updated on January 11, 2023

As humans that live with good intentions and aligned with our deepest values, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to make money so we can share it with others. I use the number 8 in my pricing structure to reflect evenhandedness, poise and stability. As long as I am teaching, consulting, sharing and giving in alignment with my values and truths, I am prepared to reap what I sow.

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In a world that continually celebrates the achievements of women breaking through glass ceilings, climbing corporate ladders, and excelling in their chosen fields, it's easy to assume that these high-achieving women have it all together.  Read more.

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