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Here I spill the tea on balancing hustle and heart with tips and tricks for thriving in business while taking care of yourself, because success is best served with a side of serenity!

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  • Dream.

    This is a space where you are free to build dreams, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with others, make decisions, move forward. The space is equipped with a smart television, an eight-person collaboration table, comfortable and inviting lounge furniture and chairs, a cozy fireplace, aromatherapy, easels, whiteboards, office supplies and bottled water.

  • Connect.

    The space is available to be used as a meeting space for clients, teamwork or simply a space to connect with yourself. Nestled between Crossroads Coffeehouse and The Creekside Scoop in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, you’ll be able to satisfy a coffee or sweet craving easily. Public restrooms and outdoor seating available for use.

  • Record.

    COMING SOON. Our podcast booth is available for rent separately or as and add-on to your booking. The cozy podcast booth is equipped with two microphones and headphones, acoustic panels and wiring for laptops and multimedia equipment. Studio can seat two. Larger room available for guests waiting or spectating.

Looking for space to discover endless possibility?

Please provide your information and we will contact you soon! We are excited to hear about how you intend to use the space!

In a world that continually celebrates the achievements of women breaking through glass ceilings, climbing corporate ladders, and excelling in their chosen fields, it's easy to assume that these high-achieving women have it all together.  Read more.

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