Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Catherine Collins

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Ever had a plethora of great ideas, but felt too much like an imposter to actually take action on them?

Well, you’re in for a treat. In this episode, I dive into a raw and real coaching session with my amazing client, Catherine Collins. Catherine, a successful brand building & global growth expert, is on a mission to integrate spirituality into her business while battling the paralysis that comes with new ideas. 

Together, we tackle the fears of imposter syndrome and the challenge of balancing analytical business acumen with a more fluid, spiritual approach. Amidst laughter and deep breaths, we uncover the importance of authenticity, self-care, and unapologetically pursuing one’s true path. Oh, and there’s a surprise interruption that adds a touch of real-life chaos!

Listen in on my coaching session with Catherine to hear more about:

  • Catherine’s impressive background in consultancy and her bold vision to blend spirituality with her business expertise.
  • How to face and overcome the fear of being judged and ridiculed when stepping into new and uncharted territories.
  • Practical steps Catherine takes to move past imposter syndrome and take decisive action towards her goals.
  • Steps to take when battling the paralysis of new ideas.
  • The concept of leveling up without being attached to the outcome.

Don’t miss out on this heartfelt and humorous journey. Tune in to the full episode now and get inspired to conquer your fears!


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Katy Ripp (00:00:00) – Hey, there. It’s good to have you back. This is a live coaching call with one of my favorite clients, Catherine Collins. The love for accent. She’s from England, and she talks a little bit about what we would call imposter syndrome. Maybe having a little bit of fear around taking action in a new direction. The coaching call ended up being amazing for both me and her. I always learn a little bit of something from each coaching call, something that I can use for myself too. So this particular coaching call was extremely beneficial. I think for both of us, we did sort of get cut off at the end. There was a lovely HVAC guy in my office that didn’t really get the hint from the please do not disturb on my door and the locked door, and came in to do some work on the air conditioner. So it did sort of get caught off at the end, but it is still a lovely coaching call. And thank you Catherine for being such a gracious guest. Hey there, fellow rebels, welcome to #ActuallyICan, the podcast where we say a hearty hell yes to designing life on our own terms. I’m Katy Ripp, a lifestyle coach, business mentor, and serial entrepreneur here to guide you through the wild ride, defying what society expects of us and embracing our authenticity. On this show, we dive deep into taboo topics like death, money, spirituality, entrepreneurship, unapologetic self-care, and personal development, all while swearing and laughing along the way. Expect down and dirty conversations, plenty of humor, and a whole lot of exploration, leaving you feeling empowered to be your truest self. Whether you’re craving a good laugh, seeking unconventional self-care tips, or simply looking for some camaraderie, you’ve come to the right place. We only get this one short life, so buckle up and let’s design yours on our own terms. Ready to dive in? Let’s go. Hi, Catherine.

Catherine Collins (00:02:10) – Hi, Katie.

Katy Ripp (00:02:11) – Thank you so much for doing this. I’m really excited to see you.

Catherine Collins (00:02:13) – Thank you. I’m so excited. Can’t wait.

Katy Ripp (00:02:16) – Oh, yes. Well thank you. Is there anything that feels good to clear before we get going? Anything we can do? A couple deep breaths if you want. You know, you could let something off your chest that is really bugging you. That’s just annoying. And you can leave outside the door.

Catherine Collins (00:02:32) – I don’t think anything’s bugging me much. Maybe just a couple of deep breaths would be good.

Katy Ripp (00:02:36) – That’d be great. So if you want to give your eyes a close and just roll your shoulders back. So we’ll do a nice big deep breath in four, four, three, two, one and then out for six. 54321. Do a couple of more. Just like that. And when you’re ready, open your eyes. Roll your shoulders back one more time. Maybe readjust yourself and your seat.

Catherine Collins (00:03:10) – It’s perfect.

Katy Ripp (00:03:11) – Okay, great. Yeah. So what brings you here today? What can we talk about?

Catherine Collins (00:03:15) – Basically have all these ideas of things I want to do for work and everything, but I seem to just get frozen or stuck like I don’t action them.

Catherine Collins (00:03:27) – And I don’t think it’s just because I don’t know how to do them. There’s something there. And I’m like, why do I keep stopping myself from going forward?

Katy Ripp (00:03:35) – All right. What would be beneficial like by the end of this call? Like, what are you looking for in this session in particular in that subject?

Catherine Collins (00:03:45) – I mean, in an ideal world, I’d be like, oh my goodness, I’m going to go do everything.

Katy Ripp (00:03:50) – Well, yes. And by the way, this is a perfect world. Yeah. Like you’re right.

Catherine Collins (00:03:55) – And but I’m also realistic. But like I can action every single idea, right? I think what I’m looking for is just an understanding of what’s stopping me or what’s getting in my way. It’s almost like I think like work or be next steps, you know, like you actually have to now you’re going to do the work. Catherine. It’s not just your idea. So, yeah. What’s stopping me from doing that.

Katy Ripp (00:04:17) – At this point in your life? Why is this important? Is this connected to something else?

Catherine Collins (00:04:22) – Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:04:23) – So I already have a career. I own a consultancy agency, we build beauty and wellness brands, and I’ve been in that industry for the last 19 years.

Katy Ripp (00:04:32) – You’re the boss, right?

Catherine Collins (00:04:33) – Yes, I.

Katy Ripp (00:04:34) – Guess the founder.

Catherine Collins (00:04:35) – I’m the founder. I see it more like that. Yeah. I’ve got a lovely little collective of other consultants. Is great. And I mentor a lot of. Yeah, founders, other founders. We build brands and expand brands globally and things.

Katy Ripp (00:04:47) – No big deal. Just globally.

Catherine Collins (00:04:49) – Well, we help them. But yeah. And I have a really spiritual side and I’ve always done, you know, I’ve done kinesiology, I’ve done Reiki, I’ve done hypnotherapy coaching and other somatics and stuff and other modalities. And I have like a whole way that I live my life and that I bring it into some of my practices with my clients. But it’s important because I want to move more into that side and phase of my life. I’m building a new website. It’s not that I’m building.

Catherine Collins (00:05:18) – I mean, you, it’s something that I’m just being more authentic in how I’m showing up. Not that I was inauthentic before, it’s just I didn’t really show all these facets of myself. Yeah, yeah. So these ideas are all related to that new business? Yeah, mostly. Yeah, they are. And there’s just like I mean, I have the website, I have the ideas, I’ve started building the website. This is like being years of this. I don’t I actually little bits but I know I can action so much more.

Katy Ripp (00:05:49) – Well it sounds like you’ve made some major progress.

Catherine Collins (00:05:52) – Yeah I think my family would be like wow she’s finally actually just taking her real long time. I don’t know if I’d agree.

Katy Ripp (00:05:57) – I’m sitting here like God you have done a lot already right in that direction.

Catherine Collins (00:06:03) – Yeah, yeah, I think in this last year has been like much more taking big strides. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:06:09) – So give yourself a little credit for that maybe.

Catherine Collins (00:06:12) – Yeah. Yeah you’re right.

Katy Ripp (00:06:13) – We’ll start there and then we’ll build.

Catherine Collins (00:06:15) – Yeah that’s really good rather than beating myself up.

Katy Ripp (00:06:18) – Yeah. Right. Because you have made some really major success. So feeling good like walking away from this, we’re going to maybe look at a few ideas and then understand, like what’s holding you back from moving that direction of those particular ideas. Yeah. Because clearly we’ve seen that you can make progress and take action in certain areas. So there must be something about some of the other ideas that’s holding you back.

Catherine Collins (00:06:44) – Yeah. Exactly. Okay.

Katy Ripp (00:06:46) – Yeah. Okay. Where would you like to begin. Tell me your tell me where we’re at.

Catherine Collins (00:06:51) – I think I’d like to begin in. Yeah. Maybe it would be helpful to dive into a couple of the ideas and then see why I feel I can’t do that.

Katy Ripp (00:07:01) – Yeah, I’d love to hear what ideas you feel like are holding you back, because again, you’ve, like, made some major progress in areas. So there’s clearly ideas that you have that like you’re feeling stuck in. Yeah I’d love to know what those ideas are.

Catherine Collins (00:07:17) – Yeah I feel like it’s just all very big. There’s a lot of overwhelm with everything I want to do rather than. So I’ve got I wanted to obviously do still keep doing one to ones, but I really want to do more group led things. So essentially integrating like coming with like sacred coaching circles. So where I integrate the spirituality with the idea of coaching and we bring forward this is the thing the ideas are like, do we bring forward topics to discuss? How do I make it? Look, I’m just going very there’s obviously so many more things within this, but it’s like, how do we make it look? How does it work? Online. I’ve done it in person and that works well. But it’s like, how do I bring that forward online? Then there’s also like all the email marketing I need to do around that. Then there’s the social media, and I go in this whole forward tunnel of like, I’ve got to do this, this, this and this and this. And then I kind of freeze and I don’t know what to do next.

Catherine Collins (00:08:13) – Whereas I have a in the business I do I help people plot all this out. We help teams do all of this. So I know I’m capable of doing of like mapping this out, but for some reason I just, I get scared. Oh.

Katy Ripp (00:08:31) – That’s something. What’s there? What do you think? You’re scared of being stupid. Oh, cool. That is my friend you’re talking about.

Catherine Collins (00:08:46) – it being like, it not being right or it just being like me not being good or not good enough to do it.

Katy Ripp (00:08:53) – Do you think that’s true?

Catherine Collins (00:08:55) – I mean, it gives me a bit of anxiety when I, like, lean into it.

Katy Ripp (00:08:58) – yeah, I can tell. Like, you’re kind of crunched up. Yeah. So open up.

Catherine Collins (00:09:04) – Yeah. Is it true? I don’t think, like, I know my heart of hearts isn’t true. Right? But something. There’s something there that’s like. It’s a fear.

Katy Ripp (00:09:15) – Yeah. Does it feel good to dive into that a little bit right now? I mean, feel good maybe feel good is a stretch, but yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:09:23) – Yeah I know I feel like I need to explore it because it keeps coming out.

Katy Ripp (00:09:26) – Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:09:27) – And it’s what’s stopping me from every word.

Katy Ripp (00:09:29) – So you went into a few of the like, nitty gritty details, right? Like the marketing, the strategy, the social media, the you know, those are sort of surface level stuff that overwhelm. That’s sort of where you get stuck, like paralyzed, like, oh my God, this is this is where I stop. What part of those like, nitty gritty details gives you the most fear?

Catherine Collins (00:09:53) – Actually, I don’t know if they give me the most fear. I think it’s actually just showing up and doing it.

Katy Ripp (00:09:59) – Uhhuh. Do you have instances in your life where you show up personally in other ways? I know you show up for your business for sure, but would this be the first time that you sort of become vulnerable in a I’m putting myself out there way very much.

Catherine Collins (00:10:16) – That’s what’s kind of scary, what it is. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:10:19) – Yeah. What part of that is scary?

Catherine Collins (00:10:21) – If I imagine that, I might get it wrong.

Catherine Collins (00:10:26) – I think there’s like this word like, like be ridiculed, which is I didn’t expect that.

Katy Ripp (00:10:31) – Oh, ridiculed. Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:10:33) – I haven’t even that. That’s a new one to me. Yeah I think it’s around like how I’m going to appear and that’s what I think about showing up. So okay I got to take a leap of faith and do this.

Katy Ripp (00:10:44) – Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:10:45) – There’s no going back. Like this is what I want to do. It’s just I don’t know all the steps. Is that.

Katy Ripp (00:10:50) – True. Do you know all the steps?

Catherine Collins (00:10:52) – I do know the technical, strategic steps that you should do. But I also really believe in like leading with a, you know, more heart centered approach and heart centered business. And not everything has to be sales funnels and.

Katy Ripp (00:11:06) – For sure, right. Like heart centered business is not sales funnels. No, I mean it could be. But yeah, you know, we both know that that’s not necessarily like doing it differently is scary.

Catherine Collins (00:11:18) – Yes. Yeah. And I’m doing it.

Catherine Collins (00:11:20) – I still don’t actually know everything that I’m going to do. I like that’s part of the work actually I have to do is I need to dive into like I think it through my head, but I haven’t actually put it on paper, like what it would all look like. That’s the bit where I almost like, I have these phenomenal ideas and I think them, but I don’t write them down and I don’t then put them into action because of that fear of being. I think it’s a vulnerability and this like ridicule thing that I think people are going to potentially judge me, maybe, or it’s just going to be stupid and silly. Yeah. Like a small self, you know, me, my small self like, oh yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:11:59) – Right. Would it help to write it down.

Catherine Collins (00:12:02) – Yeah. I think if I wrote it down it.

Catherine Collins (00:12:04) – Got me excited. Sorry. I didn’t mean to you on there. Just energy is coming out of me like.

Katy Ripp (00:12:10) – I don’t know, it’s all just coming out and whatever, it’s coming out and that’s okay.

Katy Ripp (00:12:15) – Is there something holding you back from writing it down and like, making it real?

Catherine Collins (00:12:19) – The only person holding me back to me. It’s almost like I’m stopping myself before I even get started. And why am I doing that. It’s a protection. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:12:30) – I mean when you said ridicule or judged right. Like you’re protecting your tender heart from getting stomped on. Yeah. Is that how I’m like understanding it, right. Like, yeah, there is a protection here of vulnerability. And I also want to give you credit for knowing like that’s what’s holding you back. Right. Like that’s the rub here. Right. Like. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Sort of. And that is not easy. It’s not easy. We live in a very judgmental society around the world. Tell me, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you put yourself out there and somebody says, this is stupid and silly.

Catherine Collins (00:13:12) – Part of me is like laughing now because it was extreme. I feel like, okay, like it might get a bit.

Catherine Collins (00:13:20) – Like, oh, that sucks that you’re like mean like that. But like, I’d be like, why do you feel you need to be mean and people in public, you’re that’s not a very nice thing. So I would probably just be like, okay, whatever. That person is just a bit me, but I don’t think it would. That’s the worst thing that could happen is that it just didn’t work or it didn’t feel right for me, and I just move on to something else.

Katy Ripp (00:13:41) – That is the worst thing.

Catherine Collins (00:13:43) – That, and, the worst thing is, like, if somebody didn’t like it, then that’s what I mean. It’s not that bad, actually.

Katy Ripp (00:13:50) – Right? Like, those two things don’t seem like the worst thing.

Catherine Collins (00:13:53) – Really. No, that’s what I mean. So there’s. Yeah, that’s actually. Really. Yeah. That makes me feel better. Yeah. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:14:01) – I’m so glad. Yeah. When we, like, get scared about ridicule or judgement, sometimes we have like a situation in our head.

Katy Ripp (00:14:10) – Right. Like this particular person is going to hate this, or they’re going to make fun of me, or they’re going to roll their eyes, or they’re going to do something that’s like, this is silly and stupid that Catherine is doing this. Yeah. Do you have that person in your head? Do you have someone or something? Yeah, I.

Catherine Collins (00:14:28) – Can create it like a persona or a person. Yeah. For sure.

Katy Ripp (00:14:31) – Like, you know, from your childhood or from your high school or, you know, your younger years, like people.

Catherine Collins (00:14:37) – I would hate to follow me. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:14:39) – Tell me about them. You don’t have to use names. Although we could, and it would be great. But you don’t have to use names.

Catherine Collins (00:14:46) – I think they’re just people who I feel are maybe just not very. And this is no, like, fault of their own or anything like that. Very connected with who they are as a person. And they’re going through the motions of life and like, I’ve got to make this money.

Catherine Collins (00:15:03) – I’ve, you know, got to succeed. I’ve got to thrive. I’ve always got to do better. We’ve got to keep pushing, got to keep going. There’s not much spirituality or time for like, who am I? And this discovery into themselves, and how can I be kinder and all these other things. So when I think of someone like that and. They’re quite judgmental anyway, quite competitive, very competitive for themselves. And he had driven that way, which is a good traits but just quite like mean girly. Yeah. So I think that’s uncompetitive that that’s the kind of person I see being like, oh, this is just absolute B.S. like, is that.

Katy Ripp (00:15:39) – Like your dream client or like your dream participant? Do you want the person in your circle?

Catherine Collins (00:15:44) – No. I mean, if they want to be on it, they want to figure out what they want from life and who they really are inside and what they want to build. It’s the truest expression of themselves and things. And yeah, but no, I don’t want that energy.

Catherine Collins (00:15:58) – You know.

Katy Ripp (00:15:59) – Very likely that is the person that needs you the most. However, unless they’re ready. Right. Like clearly that is the like the yeah, the really judgmental people, the really I mean, those are the people that need the spirituality the most. Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:16:14) – And yeah, I guess that whatever you define as like spirituality are the ones who are connecting with who they are and what really, you know, what kind of life do they want to build rather than just going through the motions.

Katy Ripp (00:16:25) – Right. But we know that not everybody that’s in that particular situation at that time is ready for what you’re offering. No. So not dream client. No. So we’re not really intending to attract that particular person? No. Who are we trying to attract?

Catherine Collins (00:16:44) – I would say people who are I mean kind of a C, but I would say women who are either like in a phase in their life over their being doing something for a really long time. And they’re like, this isn’t the life I want.

Catherine Collins (00:17:00) – And they want to create something new and they’ve kind of lost who they are inside or lost, like disconnected from it. And they want to reconnect with who they are. They want to build from that place. That’s the kind of people who also have a real maybe potentially also quite. They could be overwhelmed, need support, needed space, but also are very open to wanting to help themselves, would very much lean into spiritual practices, whatever those may be for them, and are really open to that and exploring that and like to use those modalities to help get back in touch with themselves, more like ground and earth. And, you know, we’re interested in those kind of things. That’s the kind of person I want to attract.

Katy Ripp (00:17:39) – Do you know anybody like that? Do you know people that could use that service? Yeah, yeah. Out of the 4 billion women on the planet. Yeah. Do you think that there’s 100 people that are looking for that.

Catherine Collins (00:17:54) – Yeah definitely.

Katy Ripp (00:17:56) – Yeah. Do you think if you don’t do it you’re doing a disservice to those 100 people.

Katy Ripp (00:18:02) – If they’re looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Catherine Collins (00:18:04) – In a way I think if I don’t do it I’m doing a disservice to myself more than anything else. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:18:09) – Tell me that.

Catherine Collins (00:18:10) – Because my soul is like been cool since I was like, even I think even since like 13 or 14, I’ve always been into this used to be called like alternative medicine, complementary, that path and a different way of living and exploring. I was kind of raised that way too, with different modalities, but I haven’t answered the call of my own soul and followed that. Not that I’ve completely done everything opposite, because I’ve kept it very separate and practiced it in my life and my work. But if I don’t do this, and I don’t show up as who I really am now, and I feel I’m going to really do disservice to myself and I would really regret it, that’s what it’s so frustrating because it’s like I feel such a strong pull. And then there’s this sort of, oh gosh, what do I do next? I think it’s just after talking with you, in a sense, I just need to start and not scared of, like, what people might say or what might happen, or that it’s not perfect because I’ve started doing things where it is kind of like you build companies and stuff and it has there has to be a lot of things.

Catherine Collins (00:19:16) – Nothing. Nothing’s ever really perfect. But, you know, you’re working towards that, right? Yeah. I’ve always been really hard on myself with getting things right.

Katy Ripp (00:19:24) – So is there something about that comment you said before, like you were 14 or 15 and you’ve always wanted to pursue this path? What’s held you back for the last 20 plus years?

Catherine Collins (00:19:36) – Expectations of what I thought I should do, what I thought society said I should do. Not loving myself enough to lean into it. Not honoring myself enough. Like honoring what I thought I should do and what I think other people should think I should do, what I should do, and not believing in myself enough that I could do it.

Katy Ripp (00:19:54) – So you’re so. I mean, Catherine, you’re so close to this, right? Like you’re so quartz. You’ve made so much progress. What changed in the last year or two years that, like, made you make action, right, like, pushed you into, like, I’m starting the website. I’m starting a coaching certification.

Katy Ripp (00:20:11) – I’m, you know, what made you finally do it?

Catherine Collins (00:20:14) – I think I had been I’ve had a lot of sickness in my life, right? Since I got really sick when I was born, a sickness, and then I was sick one of my teen years, very ill. And then I got just different things. I got Covid really badly and I had long Covid, and then I got Graves disease and my whole life kind of. And I was undiagnosed for a long time, and I was really, really sick. And it was some it happened again. Do you know what I mean? Like something about this big kind of health class again and. It was realizing that I just couldn’t keep going on doing what I was doing because it wasn’t good for me, and it was almost like another reminder. And I’ve had quite a few that I have to. And the thyroid and graves is all to do with your throat and how you and show up on your words and what you say. And I just wasn’t it was just like I had a lot of very, really rough time.

Catherine Collins (00:21:06) – I was really sick, a really rough times at that time. And I just had a lot of I had a lot of time with myself and I wasn’t able to, you know, go out and do things. And yeah, I had a lot of time to work through it. So I think that’s what came up with, like, I have to start prioritizing myself, and my health was part of that and who I am and what I want to do. And I just realized I was just very unhappy. And the way I had been showing up and it wasn’t like, you know, fulfilling and it’s just kind of going through the motions. So I think that’s kind of what happened. But it’s been something that’s been I’m trying to think of what made me realize that I want to just I don’t know if I actually realized I want to go make this my career. When I started doing things a couple of years ago, the more I prioritize myself and my voice and who I was, the more I was like, I’m.

Catherine Collins (00:21:59) – It’s like you start to level up. When you level up and you feel more comfortable and you feel less scared, and the more I did it, the more I do. The more there is no going back. So it’s like baby steps and maybe that’s what I need to. Maybe that’s just how I work. It’s like baby steps. Even with all these ideas. They’re big ideas, a lot of them. But it’s like maybe taking just keep going and keep doing and not remain unattached to the outcome. I just was attached to doing, helping and bettering myself and getting back in touch with me again and looking, caring and loving me necessarily. I have no idea what that outcome was going to be.

Katy Ripp (00:22:35) – Yeah. Two things you said. If you don’t mind if I repeat them back to you. One is leveling up. Do you think you are just about to level up?

Catherine Collins (00:22:46) – I think I kind of already have. And I just now need to go be like, hey, I’m here.

Katy Ripp (00:22:54) – Yeah, I think it’s business owners.

Katy Ripp (00:22:56) – We both know right before you’re about to level up, the shit hits the fan. Yeah, right. Like internally. Right? We don’t know if we’re worth it. We don’t know if we can make it. We don’t know if people are going to judge it. We don’t know if people are going to accept us. Right. Like business wise. Yeah. Just in a like female entrepreneur place, leveling up is really hard because right before you’re going to do it, you hit some.

Catherine Collins (00:23:19) – Shit and things come up that you would have thought were a dream thing before. But then you’re like, oh yeah, why are you coming into my life again to like, make me feel like I have to do this?

Katy Ripp (00:23:30) – Yeah. One of the things that has always resonated with me, and it was from a book a long time ago, but it was like, the universe just wants to know you’re serious. The universe just wants to know you’re fucking serious about getting to the next level. So we’re going to throw some shit at you just to make sure that this is what you really want, right? Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:23:49) – So this sort of like when you said level up, I was like, maybe there’s something there. The other thing is not being attached to the outcome. So when at the beginning of this conversation, we talked about all those like nitty gritty things, right? Like the strategy, the marketing, the, you know, like putting myself out there on social media, that kind of thing. Do you think you’re attaching that sort of detail to the outcome? Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:24:14) – That’s actually yeah. Those things are like, yeah, the details that give me this outcome that I think I should have.

Katy Ripp (00:24:21) – Tell me about the outcome you think you should have in this particular. Right. Like the business you want to start the practice you want to start.

Catherine Collins (00:24:29) – It’s like I have two I have the part of me that’s like, that’s rubbish, Catherine. Just let it unfold and unfurl and be what it is. And then the other part that’s really analytical is like, no, it should be. You have this website, you start your course, you have this many things in practice.

Catherine Collins (00:24:47) – You get, you know, you start getting this many people, you start doing these things in person. You do this thing online and then blah, blah, blah. There’s so many levels to it and so many. What’s the word like boxes almost. You should be taking as an entrepreneur to move, which kind of goes against the ethos that I actually truly believe in, which is go forth and really tune into what feels right and make steps in that direction and just show up as who you are and see what doors open for you. It doesn’t hurt that you have like business acumen and things to help you, but it really doesn’t have to be perfect like some of the people I love to follow most like it really isn’t. It isn’t perfect, but I love it because it’s real. And like, I’m so excited. I watched their staff and I, I would consider doing stuff with them because I just love that they’re so honest and real and figuring out as they go, but they’re also kind of masters in their craft.

Katy Ripp (00:25:45) – Is there something about the patterns, like, are you noticing anything about the patterns? You kind of use two examples, right? And we’ve both been through the Mind Rebel Academy. So we know, like we’ve got our rebel mind, we’ve got our guard and we’ve got our authentic self. Yeah. Is there anything about these patterns of turning on your entrepreneurial brain, which is I have to produce something that is protecting you? I don’t think it’s protecting me.

Catherine Collins (00:26:13) – I think it’s just what I’m used to doing.

Katy Ripp (00:26:15) – Is it something you’re just really good at? So it feels right to like?

Catherine Collins (00:26:19) – It’s annoying.

Katy Ripp (00:26:21) – It’s annoying to me.

Catherine Collins (00:26:22) – So good, I don’t know. I don’t want to. It’s not big habit like that. I mean, no, no, no, no. I know it’s just annoying that. Yeah, it’s kind of annoying that I know a lot of the pitfalls. So I’m like trying to protect myself from that stuff happening or also to make it really successful. Whereas yeah, there’s two sides.

Catherine Collins (00:26:43) – It’s that one that is sort of like it’s like an alert, you know, like a siren, like Nino, Nino, Nino. You’re like, yeah, warning, warning. Come on. And then the other one’s like, oh, let’s just be fluid and, you know, flow and like, that’s the one I like. And then it’s the bit in the middle. That’s where. That’s it actually. That’s it. That’s that’s where I get stuck because there’s two. And that’s what I’m like all over actually I have two different parts that are business orientated and the other one’s very like, oh, I’m just putting on some earth and I’m doing my grounding every day and I do this and I do, you know, like it’s, but it’s like very fluid and natural and I just tune in to what I want to feel and do.

Katy Ripp (00:27:22) – Is it just so much different than what you know?

Catherine Collins (00:27:25) – What do you.

Katy Ripp (00:27:25) – Mean? Is that flowing part of like, I just want to put my hands in the dirt and ground.

Katy Ripp (00:27:31) – And is it just so much different than what you. And what you’re comfortable with.

Catherine Collins (00:27:36) – Yeah. Like and no in the sense of the analytical stuff. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:27:39) – Like, no, in the sense of maybe you don’t have as many examples out there to follow of like, this is the way it could be done. Heart lead and I could let it flow. And I don’t have to be attached to the outcome and how much money I’m making at it. And that is.

Catherine Collins (00:27:55) – So different from what I know. Yeah. Now I got it. Yeah, that is very different from what I know. And I’m expected to show up and do. So yeah it is. But it’s also in all honesty the a lot of the way I laid my like other side like the rest of my life and how I actually my brain works and thinks is that a lot of the time. Except when that fear Nino Nino comes in, it’s like, well how are you going to make money at this? Like, you know, practical things and like that comes in a little bit, but not that’s not probably the the biggest part of it in that sense.

Catherine Collins (00:28:32) – But it is like, yeah, how can you yeah make this successful. So yeah it’s that. Yeah. But I’m getting really it’s a lot clearer that I really like the flow side.

Katy Ripp (00:28:45) – On the flow side. Right. We’re talking about kind of two things, right. Like your group coaching practice. What you said at the beginning. Right. Like I have all these ideas I want to do this like kind of a thing. And then you’ve got sort of real life right now, this B thing that’s very analytical side, this very like successful money making, you know, you’ve got kind of two sides here. When we’re talking about the flow side, we’ll just talk flow, which sounds like it’s very aligned with your authentic self that you’ve been discovering over the last few years. What does success look like? Like if you had the outcome that you are wanting, what does that look like?

Catherine Collins (00:29:26) – Oh well, I have been thinking about this. I think I have actually success to me looks like getting because I’m admitting this, but yeah, I’m getting paid to share wisdom and help others and that’s it.

Catherine Collins (00:29:44) – And I it’s not hard work. Work isn’t even in my vocabulary because I show up doing what I love to do. What’s success to me looks like almost feels like. It’s like I wake up every day like, oh my gosh, I’m so excited I got to do this, you know, like that feeling. And yeah, you wake up and tune with what you need that day and, you know, tending to your own needs, I guess, before you then contend and help so much others like, that’s so paramount to so and having the time and space to do that and being regulated. So there’s loads. Yeah. Success to me looks like not work. Actually I have such negative connotations with the word work I think. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:30:26) – So do you think you deserve a life like that?

Catherine Collins (00:30:28) – I want a life like that.

Katy Ripp (00:30:31) – That’s not what I am.

Catherine Collins (00:30:32) – You’re hiding. Life’s like that. I’m like, is that possible? But yes, of course it’s possible. I’ve seen other people do that.

Catherine Collins (00:30:41) – Of course it is. Yeah, yeah. But then a part of me is like, it’s that thing where people will be like, whoa! Do you think I have at all or something? The jealousy thing? Yeah. So what’s in there that I don’t want to upset other people by me being super happy or healthy or that I don’t want to. Yeah, but I’m putting other people’s needs before my own. Yikes. Thank you.

Katy Ripp (00:31:11) – I don’t mean to be laughing, but I would like to say that back to you. Gosh, I don’t want to upset other people by being too happy, too healthy and have it all. How does that land? I want it to land. Yeah, we could just kick that one to the curb. Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:31:36) – That. I had no idea that was there, like I. But that makes sense, actually, because there’s times even in relationships I haven’t. If I think back to relationships, I haven’t shown up and I haven’t fully been myself, it’s because I put their needs before mine.

Catherine Collins (00:31:54) – Or if there’s there was cultural religious things for I mine because there’s always more important. But I didn’t essentially just want to. I did penalties for them, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t value myself enough to be like, hey, I’m actually even though mine is different, like it’s it’s still equal to yours. Yours aren’t more important than mine. And your life and your path isn’t more important than mine. So this is like having big awareness. Yeah. Like I value myself enough to be like, yeah, my needs are just like my desires and stuff are really valid as much as anybody else’s. And why not like go have those if you want them and everyone has the right to go do that.

Katy Ripp (00:32:38) – So can I ask you again, do you think you’re worthy of a life like that? Yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:32:43) – Why not? Of course.

Katy Ripp (00:32:44) – Yeah, well, the answer is yes.

Catherine Collins (00:32:48) – I think you’re like, hell yes. But yeah, yeah, that is like. Whew. I feel like something’s just opened in my head.

Catherine Collins (00:32:55) – And I feel like my energy is lighter. Everything feels lighter. Yeah, yeah, your.

Katy Ripp (00:33:00) – Eyes are a little.

Catherine Collins (00:33:00) – Brighter.

Katy Ripp (00:33:01) – I love that if we were to. With this new awareness, if you were to go out and feel really inspired today to do something right, like, let’s get out of the way, right, like, let’s move this obstacle out of my path. What could you move? What could you do? Sort of. If you’re walking down this path, what could you do right away?

Catherine Collins (00:33:22) – Okay, so realistically after this I have do have a consultancy call.

Katy Ripp (00:33:27) – Maybe that today.

Catherine Collins (00:33:28) – But no. But what I could do is I actually can jot down like I have post-it notes. And I think it would really help me to actually be like, I fully deserve this life as much as anybody else, and to have the life I really want to have. And that’s also what I believe I want to help other people do. So I have to do that to help other people do that.

Catherine Collins (00:33:48) – And I’m like, just at that little cusp, like you said. And I feel like, yeah, with your thanks to this, I feel like I’m really crossing over into it. Yeah. So I think that’s kind of what I can do right this moment. And then I can also, I do feel like it would be cool to write down these, these few things I have. It’s not just the circles, there’s other stuff and just write down like kind of all my thoughts and wisdom and the exciting things and actually get excited about it.

Katy Ripp (00:34:17) – Let’s do it right now. Right? Like grab your post-it note quick. I’d also love for you to write down, like the definition of success for the flow state.

Catherine Collins (00:34:25) – Okay, so post-it notes. I deserve to live my life filling.

Katy Ripp (00:34:35) – You can always rewrite this, right? Like, I wanted to, like, get this stuff down, because one of the things that we didn’t you said you haven’t done is write this down, right? Like, let’s get it out.

Catherine Collins (00:34:45) – Stick up on my computer now and then this success flow state, like, yeah, yeah, success is the flow state.

Katy Ripp (00:34:53) – It’s the ultimate flow state. And being in an ultimate flow state also takes away that work word. I write like.

Catherine Collins (00:35:03) – This word work. And everyone talks about I work so hard I worked at work and it’s like yeah there’s extreme periods in life when I’ve really worked my ass off and like, yeah, it’s it’s tough on other people have really tough times to work. But I actually hate the word. I think the word work, it’s like work out. It’s always just like cool, exhausting.

Katy Ripp (00:35:25) – Yeah, well, like a grind. And it’s also become sort of a badge of honor for people. That’s right. Like, I work so hard, therefore I am, and it doesn’t make you a better person. It’s true.

Catherine Collins (00:35:36) – It’s just like, yeah, like I work so much and I do this and I do that and it makes you defines you. I just, I don’t like being defined by my work.

Katy Ripp (00:35:45) – The other thing I wrote down was and I don’t know exactly how you want to write this down for yourself, but not attaching to an outcome. Yes. That’s probably going to be a practice that’s pretty ingrained right. Like maybe I just.

Catherine Collins (00:36:00) – Do like yesterday for instance, we live, near a beach and I was just walking down by the beach and like, I had no much makeup on or anything like that. I didn’t really whatever. And I just took a video of just like thoughts that come to me, because that’s when it does when work, when I’m walking or on my like, things just comes me. And there’s also I’m really into, nature and flowers and herbs and stuff and there’s a really cool plant called Viper’s Gloss, which is in full bloom at the moment, and it’s beautiful. I want to see it, Thistle, but actually it cuts into my stunning blue flowers. But the whole spiritual meaning of this plant is falsehood, which is about not being true to yourself. But I did record these, like these videos on my phone.

Catherine Collins (00:36:45) – Like for I was thinking I could use them for Instagram. Maybe that’s what my not attaching to an outcome is. I just do this like every few times a week. I just upload, post, upload it and just be like, okay, cool, that’s what I’ve what’s come through today and I’ll just share it. And yeah, it’s not like I have in that other account. I have like no followers to really matter. So, you know, just get up there.

Katy Ripp (00:37:07) – I think the thing about that is Instagram, for instance, is the ultimate practice in not having attachment to an outcome because there’s an immediate outcome, right? Like nobody likes it, nobody shares it, nobody follows me from it. No. Right. Like, but it’s an ultimate practice in that, that I’m just putting this out into the universe and the right people will find me. Yeah, that’s true. And it is a practice. It is harder than you think it is. It gets easier as you go, right? But like if you’re not attached to the outcome, it’s a perfect way to practice it.

Katy Ripp (00:37:47) – Because I’m doing this for myself.

Catherine Collins (00:37:50) – Yeah. No. Yeah, actually that’s true.

Katy Ripp (00:37:52) – I’m doing it for myself first. And anybody else that’s looking for it. My dream people that are looking for me because I guarantee, Catherine, people are looking for you. I’m looking for you. So people are looking for, like, I don’t know anything about that plant. I would love to know that. Honestly. God, I would love to know that. That is my like. I think it’s why we’re connected. Right? Like, that is my jam. So I would love to know that. And not only are you serving a purpose for yourself, which we talked about, right? Like you’re doing a disservice to yourself by not sharing this. Those are your words. Yeah, but also you’re doing a disservice to me by not sharing it.

Catherine Collins (00:38:38) – Oh thank you. Yeah. No, you’re so you’re so right. And I feel like really good about this because I think just try things. Because I do realize the more things I’ve done that I didn’t know the outcome.

Catherine Collins (00:38:50) – It’s not only builds resilience, but it also builds proof. So and you just keep doing that and it builds also, what’s the word like? You know, when you’re very nervous and dysregulated and you’re so scared, but the more you do something sometimes if you, you’re able to deal with it enough. And I am now I’m feeling a lot better and stuff then. Yeah, it just kind of builds confidence in that, that it’s, it just sort of washes off your back. And it’s the same in business and building things like you’re just you just keep doing things and learning and. Yeah. So yeah, not attaching to the outcome just trying things. And it can be posting. It could be even just trying new stuff in general like pottery class or whatever I want to do.

Katy Ripp (00:39:26) – Yeah. Get yourself a microphone. Right. We talked about that. Get yourself a microphone and start recording meditations. Yeah. You don’t ever have to use them for anything. No. Like they don’t have to be perfect.

Katy Ripp (00:39:37) – They don’t have to do anything. They could just be for you.

Catherine Collins (00:39:41) – Yeah. I did one the other day, actually, on the beach. I just sat there and I was just like, I’ll just do it here. And people can just look at something pretty, because I would love that sometimes, you know?

Katy Ripp (00:39:48) – Yeah. Right. Hold on one second. What’s that?

HVAC Guy (00:39:53) – I gotta get up there, find out what’s going on. Sorry.

Katy Ripp (00:39:56) – Okay. Are you fucking kidding me right now? Really? Well.

Catherine Collins (00:40:01) – We’re not attached to the outcome.

Katy Ripp (00:40:05) – Right? Right. We’re not attached anyway, so sorry to interrupt. How do you feel right now? Like, tell me what’s coming up for you.

Catherine Collins (00:40:13) – I feel I have so much more understanding as to like these two sides of me that were kind of like, how do we integrate? And I don’t even know if it’s a full, like, maybe that’s another topic, but like full integration of them. But it’s like it’s more about leaning into one side a little bit more and these kind of things like not attached to an outcome, continuing to honor, like my rhythms of the day and things like that as much as possible and knowing that, like, the success I want is that flow state.

Catherine Collins (00:40:44) – Yeah, it gives me somewhere to get started. Like, that’s much more easy than just done all this immense other things. And I’m looking at it like building a company.

Katy Ripp (00:40:53) – So yeah.

Catherine Collins (00:40:54) – It’s more freeing. Yeah, I feel a lot more like, yeah, relief. Like I can just I can just do this. Give it a go. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:41:03) – What’s next. Best steps for.

Catherine Collins (00:41:04) – You. Next best steps are like I said. Yeah well not my thing with post-its are fabulous are great ahead and yeah just starting to to put stuff up on the easiest one I’ve not attached to the outcome is the Instagram one straightaway and getting my website up, but it doesn’t really matter if it’s not. All things change, you know? So it just get up and whatever, whatever feels right right now. Yeah. And being like, I’m ready, I’m here, let’s do this. Let’s see what I can do, how I can help. So yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:41:39) – I love it so much.

Catherine Collins (00:41:40) – Thank you.

Catherine Collins (00:41:41) – That’s where I am.

Katy Ripp (00:41:41) – Is there a way that feels good to end the session?

Catherine Collins (00:41:46) – Are anyway to be rounded.

Katy Ripp (00:41:47) – Into some of those nuggets.

Catherine Collins (00:41:49) – I feel like very excited.

Catherine Collins (00:41:51) – So I feel like I just need to like.

Katy Ripp (00:41:53) – Yeah, let’s go go go go go.

Catherine Collins (00:41:55) – Right, like and just feel like, yeah, let’s go. That’s how I feel. Good. Yeah.

Katy Ripp (00:42:00) – Amazing. Okay, I’m gonna let you go then. Thank you. And do all your stuff. We can touch base again. And that’s a wrap on today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed diving deep into the world of living authentically with me. Before you go, don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram. Shoot me a message at Katy Ripp. I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s episode and connect with you further. And remember, if you want more details on today’s episode or just want to explore more about designing your life unapologetically, head on over to my website at Katy Ripp dot com. There you’ll find all the juicy details and resources you need to keep the inspiration flowing.

Katy Ripp (00:42:40) – Lastly, if you’d like to join me on the show, whether it’s to tell about your experience of designing your own life, to share your expertise, or if you’d like to participate in lifestyle coaching live on air, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your story could inspire countless others on their own path to living authentically. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep living boldly designing your life. And remember, #ActuallyICan. 

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