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Here I spill the tea on balancing hustle and heart with tips and tricks for thriving in business while taking care of yourself, because success is best served with a side of serenity!

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  • “Katy has a unique and inspiring story that she tells in such a funny, charismatic, engaging way that you could listen to it over and over.”

    Cassie B.

  • “Every single person left feeling extremely inspired by Katy’s real life advice and down to earth personality. Her bits of humor was the cherry on top.”

    Shelby O.


Katy is a midwestern gal, born and raised in Wisconsin. After decades of adventures in the design, fitness, business and service industries, entreprenuership caught the tiger by the toe.

Katy is a professional speaker for corporate events, webinars, and workshops specializing in topics on entreprenuership, self-care as a sport and creating your own road to Oz.

After an hour with Katy, your audience will feel…

  • Sharing stories of overcoming obstacles, surviving war, pursuing her dreams and continuing to learn, Katy will leave your audience feeling inspired to take the next step in attaining any goal.

  • Katy relates to the audience on a very personal and vulerable level making them comfortable enough to feel like they’ve made a friend.

  • Delivering a clear vision and tools will allow the audience to leave feeling armed and ready to move forward.

Keynote Topics.

Self Care As A Sport

The perfect keynote option for any health, wellness or women-focused event.

Whether or not we believe it, putting ourselves before others is not selfish. Quite the opposite. What if the secret to getting everything you want in this life starts with taking care of ourselves first, then taking care of others? Not the other way around? Sounds bonkers, right? Well, it’s true.

  • Events by Miggy’s

  • · Defining Self-Care
    · How to set healthy boundaries
    · How to say yes. And how to say no.
    · A better life starts with self-care

  • If you’re looking to find a keynote speaker who can deliver inspiration infused with humor and entertainment, then Katy is your girl. In this keynote, she aims to inspire audiences to not just take care of themselves, but stop making excuses preventing them from living the life of their dreams.

Creating Your Own
Road to Oz.

The keynote for aspiring entreprenuers, business leaders and managers and those looking to pursue a life beyond belief.

There is no yellow brick road. Learning to embrace past “failures” as the bricks to build a road leading to future accomplishments is the intention behind this keynote.

  • Events by Miggy’s

  • · Recognizing that failures are only helpful lessons
    · Using those lessons as building blocks and stepping stones
    · Learning to spot the opportunities in the moment and in hindsight

  • Using analogies from the classic Wizard of Oz, in this keynote Katy takes a trip through the audiences’ past for clues to building a bright future.

On the blog.

In a world that continually celebrates the achievements of women breaking through glass ceilings, climbing corporate ladders, and excelling in their chosen fields, it's easy to assume that these high-achieving women have it all together.  Read more.

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