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Day 40: Your gut knows.

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I forced myself to rest today.

I am notorious for going balls to the wall and then totally burning out. Even though this is the longest I have stuck to any routine, I can feel myself getting dependent on it.

And, although yoga is probably the safest, most healthy addiction I could have, I recognize the possibility of replacing one dependency for another. So, I laid in bed a little longer today. I thought about going and I certainly had enough time, the energy and the motivation, but it just didn’t feel right. It felt like I “needed” it. But, I took a few deep breaths, reminded myself I went to two classes yesterday and gave myself permission to rest.

I look forward to the warm studio tomorrow for sure, but I was proud that I was able to take a step back, look at the intention clearly and make the appropriate decision.

Although, I did have ice cream for dinner so probably a good thing I’m planning to go tomorrow. Whoops.

House + Home

Because I stayed home, I had extra time to make breakfast, (sorry, that’s a lie. Dale made breakfast, I just ate it) start and finish two loads of laundry, run the Rooma, do the dishes and make lists.

On one of said lists was a reminder to pick up softener salt. While this may not seem like an item worth mentioning this simple, stupid product improves my life exponentially when we have it and makes it super annoying when we don’t.

The dishes never get clean, the shampoo doesn’t sud and my hair never feels rinsed out. However my husband, who is in charge of this chore, doesn’t believe it makes that much of a difference.

Until today.

He was helping me wash dishes when I realized I left the Dawn up in my shower. I called for Miles to run up and get it for me (because that’s why we had kids so I can send them to on all the shitty little errands I don’t want to do…which is exactly what my parents said and did to us). Dale was like, “why the hell is the dish soap in the shower?” I had to explain to him that I had to rinse the build up out of my hair because we don’t have salt in the softener.

Even though he looked at me like he was crazy, he mentioned later that he felt like he had build up in his armpit hair.

So, we got softener salt today. Yay.

Fortune + Abundance

Considering we look forward to this day every year, it’s a small miracle we saved money today. It helped I forgot my wallet.

Today was the Garden Expo held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. We drag our less-than-thrilled kids through rows and rows of over 200 vendor booths packed with seeds, plants, vases, lawn ornaments and garden tools. And of course, no expo would be complete without the women selling the dehydrated dips. Just mix with cream cheese and Voila! A perfect appetizer.

This year however, we managed to avoid buying anything other than a few dahlia bulbs and some dirt. That’s the beauty of owning a flower farm…flowers become a necessity AND a write-off.

We didn’t even buy the dip.

Nature + Nurture

Speaking of less-than-thrilled children, I think we have just been cooped up in this house entirely too long this winter. Winter break seemed to last forever, we’ve been off of school more than we’ve been in since New Year’s and since my social calendar is less than social, we’ve been spending lots of evenings and weekends together.

If I have to listen to one more episode of that that kid playing Minecraft on TV while my kid plays Minecraft on his tablet I am going to lose my shit.

Tell me I’m not the only one reconsidering taking my kids with us on our family vacation.

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