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Day 41: There’s no friends like the old friends.

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Holy shit, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.

I had plans to meet my BFF for breakfast today. Originally, we thought we’d go to yoga together and then out, but that changed to just out.

I received a text from her this morning that stated she was going to work out before we met and that “she wouldn’t look fancy.” We’ve known each other since kindergarten and I can count on both hands the times we have both looked fancy.

I really had no excuse not to work out either so I pulled up an old workout from my teaching days and bra-less, pants-less and shoe-less, I completed the following workout. (I do not recommend doing this particular workout without a bra. Ouch.)

I can already feel it.

House + Home

It’s amazing what you can get your kids to do when they have a play date hanging in the balance.

I basically took my to-do list for the day and handed it over to Miles. Shockingly, he completed all the chores with very little complaint. I even got him to make his bed, which, since my kids sleep in sleeping bags on top of their comforters, it’s not so difficult. But he did fold all of his cuddle blankets.

Am I the only mom out there that has kids that require 22 blankets to fall asleep?

Fortune + Abundance

I’m halfway to breakfast when I realize I forgot my wallet in my backpack. I even had my Dave Ramsey’s envelope for meals and entertainment all packed with cash to pay for breakfast. Luckily my breakfast date knows I’m good for it and she didn’t let me go hungry.

But, in the panicked search for any money in my car I found a check for $115 tucked away in my purse (that I never use) that I forgot about.


Nature + Nurture

I had the honor of seeing, and embracing, two of my oldest and dearest friends today. And it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

One I’ve known since we were in diapers. We were country bumpkin neighbors. As soon as we were old enough to walk or ride our bikes to each other’s houses we did. I don’t even remember what we played, we didn’t necessarily have similar tastes, but I remember how fun it was and how safe I felt with him and his family.

After many years of disconnect, our paths crossed again. It was like not a drop of rain had fallen since the last time we hugged. It filled my heart to see him again today.

The other said friend I have known since kindergarten. Man that girl has my heart. There’s something about having someone in your life that no matter what happens you can count on them. We have gone months without speaking, we sometimes forget to call on the other’s exact birthday, we’ve definitely missed highs and lows and don’t necessarily keep up with each other’s day to day routines. But she gets me and I get her. And she’s still the only one that can make me double over and laugh until we both cry.

The thing about old friends is that they can wade through all the bullshit to get to the good parts. The parts they remember and adore, even if you’ve forgotten and lost your way.

Without them knowing it, they both played a part in pointing me back in the right direction today.

Cherish these people in your life. Throw them a text right now just to say hey. Don’t think about how the last time you spoke ended, or that it’s been too long or whatever. Don’t think at all. Everyone needs to feel wanted and you really have no idea what a simple gesture like that can mean to them.

And for you.

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