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I had the distinct pleasure of spending some much needed time with a few different pods of girlfriends over the past week or so. In every conversation at least one of us said, “it’s fine” and then had a good chuckle.

This phrase is just so friggin’ appropriate right now. Everywhere you look someone is going through an extremely challenging time, or multiple ones simultaneously, but everyone’s like, “it’s fine” with a big shoulder shrug.

According to Google, FINE is also an acronym for:

  • Fucked Up

  • Insecure

  • Neurotic

  • Emotional

We were all like Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, that’s terrible. It seems a little excessive, but maybe not? ‍♀️

So, while this post is meant to be a little tongue in cheek because it is funny, I also just want you to know that it’s just fine to be the A.O.K. kind of fine. However, if you’re struggling for real, you’re not alone. I personally actually do feel closer to the A.O.K. fine today, but there are a lot of people out there really struggling with the challenges we as a society are facing.

There is no shortage of real drama outside our front doors, but also, many of us just started homeschooling our children today.

In our houses.

The first day of school is quite the celebrated holiday for me. I love my kids, but man, we’ve been together since mid-March. I could have really used an 8 hour day without them underfoot. I would have probably [not] cleaned my house, gone for a long walk, gotten some overdue work done, maybe even taken a nap. And then been happy as a clam to see them bounding off the bus.

But it’s fine.

Instead, we had some nervous kids and a real uncomfortable mom in our house this morning. A husband that went off to work yelling “good luck” from the front door…and then promptly returning and yelling up the stairs, “KATY, WHY ARE THE BUSSES RUNNING?” He didn’t say it, but I’m pretty sure he thought I got something wrong and they were actually supposed to be going to school.

We persevered and for us, it was A.O.K. I literally stood behind one kid’s chair for 2 hours and then stood next to the other for 4 hours just to make sure they were fine. No one cried (like we all did last night) and we even laughed a little. Instead of crawling in to my bed after lunch to hide from the world, I spent some creative energy on a project.

This walnut block had a different intended use, but I think this was way more appropriate today.

This walnut block had a different intended use, but I think this was way more appropriate today.

If this phrase gives you a good chuckle, here you go. Below you can download 3 different sizes that fit in to standard 5×7”, 8×10” and 11×14” photo frames. FREE. Just click on the print below, print off the PDF and voila!

I certainly didn’t coin this phrase, although some days it sure feels like it, it gave me, my husband and some of my best girlfriends a good chuckle. Hope it does for you too.

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